An Apple Mail conversion tool that has perfected the task!

If you are to ask the experts in the field, a unanimous voice would lead you to USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro for your Apple Mail conversion needs. This tool has gained immense popularity with its splendid performance at the email conversion tasks like MBOX, Postbox, Thunderbird, EML, and Apple mail to PST. It is, therefore, well tested and a proven winner in this market domain.

All about the Apple Mail Conversion Tool

apple mail conversion

The core reason for its invincible nature is the presence of advanced technology within. The creators of the tool have put in the right set of skills and logics after vigorous search on the requirements of the users. Thus, there is absolutely no chance of failure in the perusal of the Apple Mail conversion task.

Cost that fits right into your budget!

The Apple Mail to PST converter is available to the public at very reasonable costs. It comes in the form of multiple license keys namely Individual, Standard, Small Business, and Enterprise. The users can choose from amongst these based on their usage preferences. The rate of return is extremely high as the final results are consistent and beyond excellence.

Test it before you invest in it!

It is only justified to ask for a trial beforehand. This tool offers a FREE demo version to the users to test it out before they invest their funds into it. This version allows conversion of 10 items per folder while giving full access to the remaining features of the tool.

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A complete package for Apple Mail conversion requirements!

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Mail Extractor Pro offers multiple features all of which are brilliant in their own way. Here is a list of the top 10 amongst those:

  1. Bulk conversions: The users get to convert multiple files at once.
  2. Superfast speed: The tool works at lightning fast speed to deliver the final results in record time.
  3. Auto upload of data files: The tool lays down a highly automated path. It obviates the need to pre-archive the data files as it automatically extracts the files from the default directories of the email client.
  4. Precise results: The final files created by this tool are absolute copies of the data files. These include all the elements like contacts, events, notes, images, attachments, non-English characters, nested messages, etc.
  5. Maintains structure: It does not change the overall folder hierarchy structure of the data files.  
  6. Intuitive interface: The interface of the tool is quite comprehensible as the language used is simple and the process is fully streamlined.  
  7. Option to split large PST files: The users are given an option to set an optimum file size for their final PST files.
  8. Compatible PST files: The PST files created in the Apple Mail conversion process are compatible with both Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook.
  9. Smooth: The tool gives out uninterrupted flow of data.
  10. Safe to use: The tool is an offline mode tool and thus fully safe for use.

Get its FREE demo copy today.

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