Apple Mail to Entourage Converter for Mac OS X

The drawback of using a lousy conversion tool is that it tends to complicate the usage even more than the background process. A standard tedious method involves extracting the files manually and then further converting them one after the other. Let’s not get into the time-consuming methods and let’s shift our focus to a fulfilling Apple mail to Entourage converter which knows just how to woo its users.

Apple Mail to Entourage Converter

Mail Extractor Max is that Apple mail conversion tool which will make the conversions a piece of cake for its users. Starting with the option of auto-load, this tool eases up the upload process. When you auto-load the files, it extracts the files from the default directories and loads them onto the software for further conversion. There are smart filters available within this Apple mail to Entourage converter using which you can sort the data. It also allows you to ignore empty files and folders, thereby, saving time and effort both before and after the conversion.

The process gets further simplified as the users can carry out batch conversions. Therefore, a large batch migration is enabled with ease, courtesy this Apple mail to Entourage converter. The user-friendly interface makes it an equivalent of an automated app.  The process is highly intuitive and requires almost negligible involvement of the users. The files converted, using this Apple mail to Entourage converter, are perfectly accurate. You can directly import EMLX to Entourage immediately after the completion of the process.

Mail Extractor Max produces flawless results

The quality of conversions often drops when you make use of a mediocre Mac Mail conversion tool. Therefore, you need a professional conversion tool that can help maintain the quality of the files through the entire conversion process. Mail Extractor Max is the only Apple mail to Entourage converter that ensures that there is no modification in the output files when compared with the input files. In short, it maintains the basic structure and content of the mail.

Apple Mail to Entourage Converter

Mail Extractor Max Can also

Constructed on solid grounds, it is certainly backed up by great technology to support the conversions. The special algorithms work their magic to convert every single element on the file. The attachments, for instance, are rarely a part of the conversions with routine tools.

But Mail Extractor Max ensures conversions of these alongside metadata, nested messages, etc. To add to the list, there are various filters that allow distribution of files basis emails, contacts, and other similar objects. This makes organisation of the data clear and smooth. Conversion process is pretty short and simple and the converted files are an exact match to the base files.

Not many products can be tested before being bought. But this Apple mail to Entourage converter overcomes that drawback as well. It offers a free trial version for the new users. Every feature of the tool can be tested in this demo version. To grab a copy of the same, click here.

Apple Mail to Entourage
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