Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion (Everything You Need to Know)

Looking for an effective ways for Apple Mail to Outlook conversion? Read the following post that explains you whatever you need to know to carry out this conversion task successfully.

What is Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion?

It’s a form of data transfer in which you have to transfer your data from Apple Mail to Outlook in Windows. The reason why it cannot be dealt simply by moving the data files is that the data files used in both clients are different and incompatible with each other.

Apple Mail basic files are called EMLX that are inside the folders called Mailboxes. You cannot either copy EMLX files directly or the entire mailbox folder into the database of Outlook. The format isn’t compatible with the Outlook.

And therefore, comes the complex job of Apple Mail to Outlook conversion.

How to Convert Apple Mail to Outlook?

As said above, the files aren’t similar for both clients. Therefore, one of the methods is to convert the file from Apple Mail to Outlook PST. (PST is short for personal storage table, and is a proprietary data file for Outook to store data).

Most common method is to look for an EMLX to PST converter. Unfortunately, this is also very inaccurate and frankly, not worth your time. EMLX isn’t a file built for conversion or data migration. It’s a basic raw data file that has completely different purpose.

The best way is to convert Apple Mail profile native database directly to PST without using any raw or archived files (like EMLX or MBOX). This helps make the export clean, quick, and accurate. However, the lack of decent tools can be a problem.

But since you are here, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

After a lot of testing and thorough inspection, the tool that can directly convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST is “Mail Extractor Pro,” from USL Software. It’s the only Mac tool that features the auto-load function, has a very simple interface, and doesn’t damage the fidelity of your emails.

Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion

It also has some unique features such as – in-depth conversion report for advanced and large migration projects. The tool even supports the conversion of languages that use complex characters, such as Chinese and Korean. This was particular tricky because these languages use double-byte characters instead of single-byte. But USL Software has managed to innovate the algorithms that can include such characters without exception.

And most importantly, the program has dedicated logic to deal with minute and small, but important and complex, data elements, such as – read/unread status of emails, email attachments, metadata, headers, S/MIME encrypted messages, nested messages, embedded images, and so on. It converts all of them into Outlook PST cleanly.

All in all, “Mail Extractor Pro” finally brings the most effective method for Apple Mail to Outlook conversion and you shouldn’t miss it.

convert apple mail to outlook

Give it a try for Apple Mail Conversion!

Want to convert Apple Mail to Outlook without any issues? Try “Mail Extractor Pro“. It is available as a free trial version that converts ten items per folder. So you get the full impression of its important functionality and the graphical UI.

Apple Mail Conversion

Click above to download the installer file. Install it, and start using it directly without any activation or signing up for anything. The tool start running in trial mode by default.

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