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MBOX and Apple Mail are both very famous MacOS based email clients. Both function almost similarly with cutting edge features, easy to interface and a huge user base. Both of them so much in similar that you think that they store the data in the same manner too.

Here is where the difference arises. Apple Mail doesn’t uses the traditional MBOX format for storage of data. Surprised? Yes, it’s true. Apple Mail shifted to EMLX format to store its content. This format makes the index search more efficient.

But switching to EMLX format, drifted Apple Mail away from the standard MBOX files. If by chance you find anything with the extension of “*.MBOX” inside Apple Mail, then it’s just a folder with MBOX extension not a folder.

So, when you switch from Apple Mail to MBOX, converting Apple Mail data to MBOX becomes a challenge.

Converting Apple Mail to MBOX

Standard MBOX files has its own benefits but since the switch , dealing with MBOX files with the help of Apple Mail can be a problem.

Sadly, there is no direct way of converting Apple Mail to MBOX. Thus, you have to use a third-party tool or add-on for performing the conversion process.

Third-party converter tools can be very helpful in converting Apple Mail to MBOX, if chosen carefully. Yes, there is an “if” attached. The number of converter tools have increased in the market to meet the rising demands.

Therefore, low quality tools have formed major portion of the market. Thus, you need to be very choosy with the converter tool you go for.

Mail Extractor Max: A cut above the rest

Mail Extractor Max, an exceptional converter tool from USL Software is the answer to all your problems. The tool is one the most widely tool used in the community and one of the most recommended one too.

It lets you convert the data quickly, accurately and with ease. It does not matter if you have any experience with converting Apple Mail to MBOX or not, the tool is meant for all kinds of users.

Apple mail to mbox

It helps you to migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, MBOX & EML file format.

The easiest to use interface at your service

Design of the interface of the tool is one of its most striking features. The intelligently designed interface makes the conversion process very easy. It specifically takes care of the first time users or users with very low conversion experience.

It provides you with a simple graphical menu with wizards at every step of the process. With instructions on all the wizards you just need to follow along and with a few simple clicks you perfectly convert Apple Mail to MBOX.

No technical knowledge, no experience of any kind is required by the users. The tool does it all.

convert apple mail to mbox

The fastest converter tool out there

Speed is another exceptional feature provided by the tool. The tool speeds up the your conversion process.

With the help of its powerful algorithms, the tool eats through the data at a very rapid rate. Each and every bit of data is processed without being compromised on quality. Therefore, you get an elite level Apple Mail to MBOX conversion process in less amount of time.

apple mail to mbox converter

The tool offers a lot more than this. Download the free trial of the tool to test them all then move on to the paid version for exclusive benefits and endless support.

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