How to Convert Apple Mail to Postbox easily? Here is the answer!

Postbox and Apple Mail are both exceptional email clients. Both email clients boast a huge user base on MacOS. The unique features and friendly interfaces of both the tools play a major role in such high popularity.

How to convert Apple Mail to Postbox

Despite being so successful and big, the users of both the email client still struggle with the big question of how to convert Apple Mail to Postbox whenever you make the switch from one email client to another.  If you are one of such users, you might also have run into this problem.

And the rise in users searching for how to efficiently convert Apple Mail to Postbox supports the argument.

But sadly there is no simple process of importing and exporting the data files in this case. It won’t work due to the incompatibility between the email clients and their data files. So, now the question is how to convert Apple Mail to Postbox then?

Convert via Third-Party Converters

There may not be a direct way of converting the data between these email clients, but you can still effectively and efficiently carry out the conversion process. The magical way of doing so is with the help of a third-party converter tool.

Third-party converter tools are software tools that have several features that make the conversion process easier, faster and overall better. But there is such a high demand of these tools in the market that it has led to shipping out of substandard converter tools just to meet the needs. So, you need to be careful while choosing the converter tool for converting Apple Mail to Postbox.

Go with what the experts say

Mail Extractor Max by USL software is the most recommended tool for converting Apple Mail to Postbox. The tool is an all-round solution that helps you out with converting Apple Mail to Postbox.

It is accurate, fast and very easy to use. The combination of the features that the tool packs helps in overcoming the challenges faced during the conversion process.

convert apple mail to postbox

Convert Whatever you Want

Mail Extractor Max is one of the most flexible tools out there. The tool provides you the facility of automatically loading up the email data without any human intervention. The autoload feature of the tool automatically detects the Apple Mail folder and load up the entire database from there.

Thus, reducing the time and chance of errors in converting Apple Mail to Postbox.

Post this, you can choose all the folders that you want to convert via a graphical user interface. So, it is totally in your hands which folders that you want to convert. 

apple mail to postbox converter

Interface that makes it easier for beginners

Interface is the feature that makes the first impression on the user. And Mail Extractor Max has the best one. The interface of the tool is very simple and intelligently designed. The minimalistic approach only shows what is required for conversion and with a few simple steps you can easily convert Apple Mail to Postbox.

The instruction laden graphical steps prove to be of great help for both experienced and new users. With just a few simple clicks you are done.

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Download the free trial offered by the tool and have all this and a lot more for free.

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how to convert apple mail to postbox
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