Is there a safe way to convert MBOX files to PST?

What are the ways to convert MBOX files to PST? And how can convert MBOX files to PST in a safe way? Read it know more.

Data Safety Challenges to Convert MBOX files to PST

Have you been experiencing the same dilemma? This may not come as a surprise that internet, which offers a solution for anything that you may need, also brings with it a number of hackers and frauds. Problems associated with these shams are humongous like losing financial data, compromising business secrets kept secure in online formats, compromising official data, and the like.

Of course, the thought of losing your data to such hunters waiting for you to take one wrong step in their direction can be extremely intimidating. The repercussions of losing files are manifold and thereby a safe and secure way to deal with such a problem is imperative

These days, many people need to migrate their data from Apple to Microsoft. That necessitates the need for a third party software-one that can convert Apple mails supported formats (like MBOX, Thunderbird, etc) to Microsoft supported format(PST).  Mail Extractor Pro offers brilliant solutions in this regard and is completely safe as well.

An impeccable solution to convert MBOX files to PST

Mail Extractor Pro is developed by the well-known USL Software. It is a software that helps you convert your Apple mails, Mozilla Thunderbird Mails, Postbox Mail and MBOX files to PST. The tool offers user-friendly platform for ease of conversion of your data. It handles your data with care. The tool also provides all the support that you may need while using it. It comes with an easy installation process and then invariably gives you the benefits of its numerous features.

convert mbox files to pst

Some of the best user-satisfying characteristics are below:

Key Features

  • Speedy conversion-It offers a speedy conversion at an enormous speed of 1GB per minute
  • Multiple file conversion-There is an option of converting multiple files in a single attempt
  • Splitting of large files-It allows you to split the larger files. You can set the file size as per your requirements
  • Safeguards integrity of data-The important as well as minute details are maintained in the converted files. Details like folder hierarchy, metadata, read/unread status, attachments, etc. remain intact even after the conversion
  • Non-English languages– Languages other than English, such as Chinese, Korean, and the like. That have double-byte characters can easily be converted
  • Accuracy-The end results are precise and up to the expectations. Once converted, you don’t need to re-work on your files in any way
  • Bug-free-A bug-free software ensures that you don’t face any crashes and that your data remains safe

mbox files to pst

Get it to convert mbox files to pst

Mail Extractor Pro is above and beyond any other software available. In addition to the above mentioned features, it gives you a hassle-free experience. Uploading and converting the data is so smooth with it. You just have to sit back and relax while the conversion takes place.

This promising software comes with a demo version for those who want to explore it first. You also have the option of buying a full version which comes with free lifetime updates. If you want to download the trial version or the full version, you may click here.

converting mbox files to pst

Try ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ to import mbox to Outlook by converting mbox files to PST file format.

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