The perfect way to convert OST to Apple Mail!

When you talk about the perfect way to convert OST to Apple Mail, then this converter tool is the highlight of the conversation. USL Software brings to you a converter tool that exceeds all the expectations and leads the recommendation charts of all the experts.

Need for converting OST to Apple Mail Explained

The need of converting OST to Apple Mail can be summarised in just one word, incompatible. The nature of OST file plays a very vital role in you needing to convert the OST files to a format that Apple Mail accepts.

OST is native file format of Microsoft Outlook. Offline Storage Table is the file that help your email client function flawlessly on an internal level. It maintains the offline changes you make to your data, keep your sent emails in Outbox and even syncs it all up with your email server.

But there is one limitation of this exceptional file format. It is not accessible outside the email client. Thus, if you want to access your data, outside its parent email client, you need to convert all the data.

Apple Mail is incompatible with OST format itself. There is no chance you can access the data in your files without converting it to a format which is accepted by Apple Mail, which usually is MBOX.

Converting OST to Apple Mail

Unfortunately, there is no direct way of converting your data from OST format to Apple Mail. You have to use a third-party add on or converter tool, to make the data compatible with your Apple Mail account.

The best converter tool you can use for converting your OST data to Apple Mail is OST Extractor Pro. The tool is the product of thorough research and development and elevates your conversion process to a new level.

convert OST to Apple Mail

Get it all converted easily

When it comes to converting the data stored in your input file, there is no better tool than OST Extractor Pro. The tool comes packed with refined algorithms that give you exceptional conversion accuracy.

The tool converts everything down to the last bit present in your email database. From your normal ASCII encoded textual data to the non-English Unicode data, the tool handles everything easily. In fact, it provides you with native support for Unicode data, which means all of your non-English data is retained throughout your conversion process. This ensures the safety of all your data involved in your OST to Apple Mail Conversion.

Speed up your Conversion process

Unlike your usual converter tools, OST Extractor Pro aims at making your OST to Apple Mail Conversion more efficient. To do so, it speeds up your conversion process.

The days of long and tiring conversion processes come to an end with this converter tool. The algorithms that provide the tool it’s exceptional accuracy, also allow it to cut through the data at a rapid rate.

Combined along with features like Bulk Conversion, the tool allows you to convert multiple files at once, making it all the easier.

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