How a Little Mistake Almost Cost Me Tens of My Clients While Converting OST to PST (Saved at the Last Minute)!

Choose the best software for converting ost to pst that helps you to convert your data accurately and hassle free.

Converting OST to PST data file

Have you had that moment where your heart is in your mouth? I have had that same moment last week. Due to some problems with my OST files, they stop functioning. And if you are reading this article, the chances are that you know what to do that in that situation. You have to convert OST files to PST.

Why Do You Convert OST to PST?

Because, unlike PST, You cannot import OST files into Outlook. So once the OST is corrupt, the data inside them is not accessible.

Which doesn’t happen in many cases. The main purpose of OST file is to let users access their emails even when not connected to the mail server through internet. Basically, you can view your emails and make changes. Even compose an email, specify the recipient, and send it, which will keep the email in “Outbox” folder and will be sent to the recipient when you connect to the internet.

Therefore, in the majority of the cases, the corrupt OST files will only result in data loss that hasn’t been synced to the servers yet. That is often the same as the last changes you made to the data when it wasn’t connected to the internet.

But there are cases where this inaccessible data inside OST files can be important and not just limited to few changes.

In My Case

Back to my situation. It wasn’t just few modifications to the database, but the entire set. What happened was that I was trying to make space on my mail server by deleting few folders while also keeping them locally. But I didn’t know exactly what’s the best way to do that. In my ignorance, I thought the OST files inside the Outlook profile folder that I can keep as a backup.

It cannot, as discussed above.

And so, I copied my OST file to a safe location and went ahead and deleted many email folders from my mail servers. It wasn’t too late when I realized the OST file I Kept as a backup is pretty much useless as it cannot be imported back to Outlook. However, the data was still with me in the form of OST file but not accessible.

Search of OST to PST Converter

Then I came around to converting OST to PST files. But the entire series of challenges had not ended back there. I was yet to face the worst of it all, or at least, came close to it.

I found a generic OST to PST file converter that was free. Needless to say, it didn’t have the most essential features required to do the job correctly. But I thought I could perhaps get the files converted even if it wouldn’t be the best way to do so.

So, I did. I converted the OST file to PST. Now I was free to import them back to Outlook.

The Problems / Challenges

I was almost ready to delete the OST file because it wasn’t needed anymore. I got imported all the folders to Outlook and everything seemed perfect. But by total chance, before deleting the original OST, I opened the emails in Outlook (that were imported through converted PST files) and what I found was terrifying.

The images inside the bodies of emails were all broken and displayed weirdly. Some were even totally gone. It would be fine if these images were simple icons or logos, which is what they are in most of the cases. But in my cases, these images were actually the contact details of my clients and customers.

If I had gone ahead with deleting the OST file, it would have literally cost me my clients.

It was total chance that I opened few of the emails. Because a thought of losing a big part of my emails never occurred to me. And that also made me check the converted emails more closely. There were other errors as well, like certain email addresses were not properly displayed, especially the ones that were using Unicode characters. Some of the email headers were lost.

Next, I started looking for a professional tool that could preserve all these details. Also, I couldn’t check each email to look for data integrity errors. That’s almost impossible in many cases. So, to go with another free common OST to PST converter was out of question.

Finally Found It

After a lot of research and thought and going over the reviews and what have you, I finally chose “OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software. Apart from PST file, It can also convert OST to EML, MBOX, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox etc.

ost to pst

It is exactly what I needed. The tool has advanced and precise algorithms to process all those photos, metadata, headers, Unicode text, and other complex details from email files. More than that, “OST Extractor Pro” also features some additional options to customize the output in a friendlier way. For instance, you can split the output PST files if they become too large. You can also choose to remove any fodders that you don’t want to convert to PST (which was very useful to me as many folders were unnecessary).

And, it also lets you convert OST to other formats, not just PST. Like for Mac based email clients: Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, MBOX files, and EML files. This is extremely helpful when moving data from Windows Outlook to these email clients. Because it lets you do that without having to archive data to PST files first.

converting ost to pst

As it is by USL Software, you also get their unique and much valuable services like tech support. Though for basic users who don’t have a massively complex and large database to convert to PST, they might need it. But in case you do have some uniquely complex case of data conversion, the 24 x 7 tech support will be a priceless addition to an already excellent software solution.

Give it a Try

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Even though I was lucky enough to not actually lose the important details, I did quite a lot of my time.

Choose “OST Extractor Pro” and avoid all the hassles of converting OST to PST. Otherwise it could be a lengthy and risky process involving data integrity errors.

ost to pst converter

The tool is also available in a free trial version, which you can get here.

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