Converting Thunderbird to PST for Mac and Win Outlook!

Converting Thunderbird to PST is a convoluted task the details of which often escape a user’s understanding. This leads to confusion and disintegration of the final files which render the effort and time of the users entirely useless. To avoid such a situation, it is imperative that the users choose a professional tool. And that has specifically ability for converting Thunderbird to PST. One such tool is Mail Extractor Pro!

Tool for Converting Thunderbird to PST

Mail Extractor Pro is a third party email converter tool that is from USL Software. It has been enabled to help the users convert their Apple mail, Postbox, MBOX, EML and Thunderbird files to PST format. This tool has a full line of features under it all of which directs towards making the user’s journey easier.

converting thunderbird to pst

Yes, the tool can convert Thunderbird, Postbox, Mac Mail, MBOX & EML files to PST file format.

Using this user-friendly tool, every user can get the desired results in the task of converting Thunderbird to PST without any hassle. There is a 24*7 customer care helpline channel from where the users can get a resolution to any of the problem that they might come across in their journey. Isn’t that a full-proof design for enabling the users to get apt results from this task?

Get your hands on this tool by simply clicking on the download link for the FREE demo version.

Converting Thunderbird to PST cannot get simpler!

convert thunderbird to pst

Converting Thunderbird to PST with Mail Extractor Pro is the simplest task that the users can find in this market domain. It has a super user-friendly interface with self-explanatory instructions. The users, from beginners to experts, can smoothly complete the process within minutes.

The tool’s advanced technology and bug-free environment enables it to work at lightning fast speed. This means that the users do not require to spend hours on this task. On the contrary, they can expect the final results in a flash. Thus, saving time and effort alongside gaining perfect outcome can be counted as the USP of this tool.

The features

Thunderbird to PST Convert

The users can enjoy a hassle-free journey due to its brilliant features. Some of them are in the list below:

  • Automatic file extraction: A great time saver for the users is the automatic file extraction option. This eliminates the need for creating archives of the data files as the tool automatically extracts all the files. This way nothing is left behind.
  • Bulk conversion: The users can convert multiple files at once. This is especially useful for users with large databases.
  • Converts everything: Each and every item contained on the email files is converted by this tool. This includes items such as attachments, graphics, non-English content, nested messages, etc.
  • Maintains integrity: The tool maintains the overall folder hierarchy structure of the data files.
  • Splits PST files: This feature enables the users to control the size of their final output in the task of converting Thunderbird to PST.

This is a great choice for the task at hand. The Thunderbird converter is available for nominal prices. But before spending any amount on it, we recommend to test its brilliance via the FREE demo version.

Thunderbird Convert to PST

To export Thunderbird to Outlook, try this tool today.

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