A Tool to Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 – Superior to Any Other Out There

Exporting Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 is a bit tougher on beginners due to the lack of good software tools that convert the files.

Not anymore.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

Today we are talking about “Mail Extractor Pro”, one-of-its-kind tools that brings not only the advanced features that have been missing from other tools, but also a powerful interface that blends functionality and ease together.

Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

The tool makes it super simple to get Mac Mail automatically without relying on manual loading of files (MBOX or EMLX).

That’s the reason why it is so superior to the generic file converters for MBOX or EMLX to PST conversion. You can choose ‘Auto-load’ and get everything ready for conversion direct from the source that is the identity or profile folder. It then proceeds to convert everything into PST files.

More than that, it brings many extra options that give you control back to you.

You can:

  • Select either the profile or identity database or MBOX files
  • You can check which folders you want to convert and which you want to exclude
  • You can set the limit for PST files and the tool creates additional files if required, in effect, keeping their size from getting too large
  • It also lets you convert Thunderbird and Postbox database alongside Apple Mail’s.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 with ‘Mail Extractor Pro’

Mail Extractor Pro” has detailed and multilayered scan technology to reach to every part of your database. It doesn’t result in half or broken output files. With other solutions, losing items like images, attachments, headers, Unicode text, and so on is too frequent and can cause the most pain to the users. All of that has been resolved by this tool.

It is also built carefully to not shuffle or randomize the structure of your folders. However, the emails are arranged in folders and sub-folders, they will be converted to Outlook 2019 PST files without any modification to their structure.

This is one of those features that only shows its impact if it is absent; imagine getting all emails and folders not in their correct order. It can be an absolute devastating to your productivity and the ability to find emails.

Finally, the company that brings it to you is the reason why the tool perfect in its job. USL Software is a well-established company that has been around for many years now. All their previous products and software are well-received and many times recommended by experts and home users alike.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

Get it to Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

Mail Extractor Pro” has the same quality and is backed up by the same USL Software added services like free lifetime updates, free trial version, tech support, and various licensing packages for different users (home users, IT tech gurus, etc.)

The link to download the setup is given below. You can install it and start trying it out. The download link is instant and requires no sign up or any other information.

Try it here: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/

How to Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

How to Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

  1. Launch ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.
  2. Click on ‘Apple Mail: Load‘.
    • Auto Load’ to automatically load Apple Mail Database.
    • Browse”, if you have ‘Apple Mail Export” or ‘Mail folder copied‘.
  3. Optional Settings
    • Check what you want to convert from preview panel.
    • Click on ‘Ignore Empty Folders
    • Set PST file size limits.
  4. Click on “Convert”.
  5. Then it will ask you where you want Save your converted PST file.
  6. Once it is done, then import the converted PST file into Outlook 2019.

Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today and export Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 for Mac or Windows (Office 365).

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