How to migrate MBOX to PST? Just with the help of this tool!

How to migrate MBOX to PST is one of the most widely searched queries on the internet. It is a very important process in every email user’s life. You need to carry out this process on a regular basis whenever you need to move your data from one file format to another.  It is the fastest way to move data between two email accounts.

Everything about the process works in your favor except for one thing, the risk involved in the process. Whenever you move your data from one file format to another it comes under immense pressure.  It remains in a very vulnerable state throughout the long and tiring process of moving it. Since it is very vulnerable at the time, it also gets damaged very easily. And that is the only and biggest risk present in migrating your data. It’s your job to save your data and this article can help you in knowing how. Read on.

There is a logical reason behind migrating MBOX to PST

Migrate MBOX to PST, it isn’t a process that needs to be just carried out for the sake of it. There is a very logical reason behind the entire process. And that reason is the structure of the two file formats involved in the process.

MBOX and PST are two very well-known file formats. Where MBOX refers to a family of file formats running on MacOS, PST is the file format used by Windows Outlook. There is a huge difference between how both files are structured and how they work. So, to ensure that the data stored in MBOX files is easily accessible to PST files you need to convert it according to the structure of PST files. And that is the reason behind migrate MBOX to PST files.

Third-party converter tools do a great job at this. These software applications provide you with latest features that help you make these adjustments quickly, safely and accurately.

Mail Extractor Pro: The third-party converter tool to migrate mbox to pst

Third-party converter tools may be the tools to go for but there are so many of them present in the market that it becomes too tough to choose the right one.

migrate mbox to pst

Mail Extractor Pro makes the decision clear for you.  This well-rounded converter tool that comes to you from USL Software and is the best possible conversion solution you can get your hands on. The tool provides you with a sophisticated feature lineup that helps you in managing your conversion process effectively.  These features are:

Exceptional Conversion Ability:

The tool converts everything present in the input files during your MBOX to PST migration. Its algorithms are very well refined and help you deal with tough data types like double-byte character data easily.


The tool comes with a feature of autoloading all the email files for your conversion process. This feature helps in not only automating the conversion process but also eliminating humane errors in the process.

Dreamy Interface:

The interface of the tool is a special feature. It is so clean and easy to understand that it makes converting MBOX files to PST a cakewalk. The guide provided by the tool also helps you at every step of the process.

how to migrate mbox to pst

Download the free trial version of the tool today.

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