What to do if import EML to Office 365 task isn’t getting accomplished precisely!

Many users find themselves struggling with their import EML file to Office 365 task, especially with regard to the quality of the final output. The fundamental reason behind such enormous rate of failure is the ill-equipped email converter tools. The users, however, can turn the results in their favour with just one corrective measure which is to make use of Mail Extractor Pro!

Tool to import EML to Office 365

Mail Extractor Pro is a tool by USL Software that allows users to have full control over the task while guaranteeing the creation of absolute carbon copies of the data files. Since the process is projected on an intuitive interface, even the beginners find themselves comfortably navigating all the way to the end of the EML files to Office 365 import task. In case of need, one may also take assistance of the round the clock customer care services.

import eml to office 365

It comes fully equipped with such logics and algorithms as are required to create accurate replicas of the EML files in PST format. The next segment throws light on what these are. 

Mail Extractor Pro facilitates the task to import EML file to Office 365 with brilliant features!

Mail Extractor Pro has been created by a team of experts who have put in great efforts to ensure the creation of an unbeatable email converter tool. To achieve this feat, they have undoubtedly embedded fabulous and technologically advanced features on it. The top 10 amongst these have been enlisted hereunder:

Conversion of multiple formats:

Other than converting EML to PST, this tool supports import of Apple mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX to Outlook/Office 365.

Bulk conversions:

One can save time and effort by converting multiple files at once. This tool is capable of converting large databases without compromising the quality of the final output.

Auto load of data files:

Another interesting fact is that the users need not spend time on extracting and archiving the data files beforehand. This Windows Live Mail to Outlook conversion can precisely copy the data files from the default directories of the email client.

Lightning fast:

The tool works at full throttle speed to ensure the users get their output in limited time. It is capable of converting approximately 1GB data in less than 10 minutes time.

Converts every bit of information:

When importing EML into Office 365, this tool rebuilds even the tiniest bit of information contained on the email files. This includes elements like nested messages, contacts, non-English content, graphic images, attachments, etc.

Preserves folder hierarchy:

It will preserve the overall structure of the data files & folders.

Splits large PST files:

One can set the PST files size as per their requirements.

Log report:

The users can monitor the progress of the task with a simple log report.

Smooth flow of data:

It is entirely bug-free which ensures uninterrupted flow of data.


The tool comes from a reliable background and in addition is an offline mode tool; thus, absolutely safe to use.

eml to office 365

Give it a try today by downloading the FREE demo version.

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