How to Import OLM to Thunderbird When the File isn’t Compatible With the Client!

How to Import OLM to Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an excellent program by Mozilla foundation for dealing with emails. It’s rich feature-set is perfect for users with even highly complex emailing needs. And it is free and cross-platform. An email client can’t go wrong with such qualities.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many Mac users’ first choice for an email client is always Thunderbird. Outlook Mac stands at the second most desired client, and Apple Mail as third.

As a first choice for Mac users, it is well and fine. But if you started off as with Mac Outlook 2011 but now wish to switch to Thunderbird, it may be rather tricky to swap the data across them.

Thunderbird may be a great email client but it doesn’t support Outlook 2011 OLM format. This isn’t a flaw in the client itself, but rather a flaw in email migration industry. Lack of official support for migrating data creates a nasty situation for users trying to transfer all their emails, contacts, and calendar data from OLM to Thunderbird.

So, how can you do it when the file format isn’t compatible with the client?

Fortunately, Thunderbird supports MBOX format, which is a very generic file format. The option you have, and the best option for that matter, is to convert your OLM files to MBOX using third-party tools.

Most of the unofficial solutions are often incompetent at dealing with the complexity of the task. They are faulty at many places, especially at the main objective – capturing data without missing anything. Their central engines for obtaining data from OLM files are weak and not cut out for making a thorough and clean sweep of data.

But that is ‘most’ of the solutions. That means there are few ones that do work, or more precisely, there is one tool that is dexterous at dealing with data complexity.

Import OLM to Thunderbird using ‘OLM Extractor Pro’

It’s called “OLM Extractor Pro” and is built without any previous data-processing algorithms. Developed by USL Software, the team devised the dedicated central engine for data extraction that works thoroughly and delivers output MBOX files in good health.

import olm to thunderbird

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It’s major selling point is that the tool converts data while protecting your data integrity. “OLM Extractor Pro” is perfectly capable of mapping the entire data from OLM files into Output MBOX files without causing any gaps or defects.

The most complex forms of data, such as graphical objects, elaborate folder structure with multiple layers, and so on – are converted with zero modifications.

The team at USL Software worked from the scratch to develop completely new framework to tackled this. From its buffer modules, to in-depth scanning, and implementation of data without fragmentation allows for perfectly precise data integrity.

And at last, the tool is also sets new standards for the usability through its intuitive interface. Any user, be it an advanced or beginner, can effortlessly interact with the GUI and apply all the features without needing to know anything about the process beforehand. Right from the start, you’d know what to do and how to proceed.

Try Now to Import OLM to Thunderbird

Try the tool right now. If you feel hesitant, you can check out the trial mode. No activation, no sign up needed. Simply click here, get the setup file, install it, and launch the tool.

For any questions before using the tool, or during using the tool, you can always rely upon the 24×7 customer support from USL Software. Expect your issue to be resolved within few minutes.

Thunderbird is a great email client. If you are using Outlook right now and want to switch to Thunderbird, don’t hold yourself back due to data migration problems. “OLM Extractor Pro” makes it absolutely effortless and safe to swap your data.

how to import olm to thunderbird

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