Mac Mail to PST Converter for Mac and Win!

Do the essential conversions the right way with the help of the best Mac Mail to PST Converter: Mail Extractor Pro.

Email Conversion is one of the most essential process you do in your daily routine. And if not performed correctly, the conversion process may end up damaging your precious data. This article will introduce you to the perfect Mac Mail to PST Converter to get your conversion done correctly.

The perfect Mac Mail to PST Converter

Mail Extractor Pro is “the” Mac Mail to PST Converter to go for. Tool offers you such grip over the conversion process that other Mac Mail to PST Converter fail to provide.  Features like versatility, accuracy, interface etc. make the tool stand out from the long list of Mac Mail to PST Converters.

mac mail to pst converter

Get multiple options to choose from with this Mac Mail to PST Converter

When it comes to converting your mail files from one format to another, finding a reliable converter is as hard as the conversion process itself. But imagine if only one tool could perform the conversion process for multiple formats.

Convert multiple format to pst

Mail Extractor Pro is that one tool. It is not only a Mac Mail to PST Converter but a multi converter. The tool allows you to choose the format of your input file. You can convert not only Apple Mail but also Postbox, Thunderbird to PST.

You can try it for Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, EML and MBOX to PST conversion.

This solves the problem of finding a new converter tool every time you encounter a new format. Have this one tool to do it all.

Get the best in class accuracy with this Mac Mail to PST Converter

Yes, accuracy is one of the primary factors that separates extra ordinary Mac Mail to PST Converters from ordinary ones. And Mail Extractor Pro excels every other Mac Mail to PST Converter in this department.


The accuracy and precision of the tool is such that it leaves nothing behind while loading the email database file for conversion. So, you’ll never face the problem of data being left behind or unconverted during the conversion process.


The precision of the tool ensures that even the folder hierarchy of the input file is maintained after the conversion process. This makes your post conversion operations like navigating and debugging the output file very easy. This is one feature which is very rare amongst Mac Mail to PST Converters. And the tool is full of such features.

Unicode or ASCII, it doesn’t matter for this Mac Mail to PST Converter

Unicode is the non-English part of your input files data. The encoding scheme of Unicode data is a bit different than your normal textual data so, its conversion is a bit tricky.

Many Mac Mail to PST Converters fail at this very step due to the challenging encoding scheme. This results in an incomplete conversion process having damaging effects on your input data file.

But Mail Extractor Pro is one such Mac Mail to PST Converter that provides you complete conversion of the Unicode content present in your input file.

This makes the conversion process secure, safe and complete.

Download the free trial of the tool today

mac mail to pst

The trial version offered by the Apple Mail to PST converter tool gives you the opportunity to try out all these features and more before you buy the premium version. So, grab your copy today and get started.

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