MBOX to PST Converter Review – Quick, Simple, and Thorough!

MBOX to PST Converter Review – Read this to know more…

My MBOX to PST Converter Review

MBOX is a pretty common file used by many services and software. But the fact that it cannot be used with Outlook can be a massive source of frustration.

Last week, I archived my Gmail messages into an MBOX file. This is through the Google Takeout feature where you can download/archive all the data from any of the Google services into a local file. The type of items determine the format of the file, for examples, emails are stored in MBOX.

The Challenges

However, the problem was that I have been an avid user of Outlook on my Windows PC for many years. Outlook does not use MBOX files (*.mbox).

I decided to download Thunderbird, since it is free and also comes in Windows edition and supports MBOX. But the entire process of importing MBOX to Thunderbird and then somehow getting it into Outlook using IMAP and email servers seem unnecessary and taxing.

That is when I found out about MBOX to PST converter and this is the review of one of them that turned out to be the best.

I gave a shot to few of the tools that came up in searches. They were decent and did the task to some degree of my expectations. But all of them had one or two minor flaw that made me not recommend them to my readers. For few of you, those flaws might not be too distracting, but for the others, they can be deal breakers. For instance, none of those MBOX to PST converters had native support to convert Chinese or other similar Asian languages characters.

Now, I have no non-English text in my emails. I know many of you are either from these countries or frequently communicate with them.

The other major issue I realized was intuitive interfaces. This was a big deal since I had no desire to spend time to understand the basics or go through long, complex tutorials. The friendly nature of interfaces is very important and none of the converters were offering any.

Finally, Got this MBOX to PST Converter

All of these concerns were removed by ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘. This is the tool that has almost all the basic features and then some more. It made converting MBOX to PST a very simple and quick job.

You can also convert Apple Mail to PST as well as Thunderbird/Postbox to PST using it.

MBOX to PST Converter Review

The tool can convert MBOX, EML, Mac Mail, Postbox and Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook for Windows & Mac

Keep in mind that PST is the native format that Windows Outlook uses. Moreover, you can use in Mac Outlook but just for importing data.

This MBOX to PST Converter tool comes in a very friendly and minimal interface. It does not overwhelm the inexperienced users but also does not take any advanced functionality many of your might need. It supports Unicode conversion (all non-English scripts) and batch conversion. And it has sophisticated mechanism to ensure, it will convert all items properly (such as the graphical components, attachments, and more).

You can try this for free!!

There is a free trial version that you can download, if you are still not confident if it fulfill your needs.

Get your free trial at https://www.mailextractorpro.com

But I am sure, once you check out the features and UI in the free trial mode, you will be more than satisfied.

So, if like me, you have MBOX file from Google or from any sources. And you are an Outlook user (Mac or Windows), you can pick up ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ now without any concerns or doubts. It will make importing data to Outlook using PST much easier and safer than any other methods.

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