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Dedicated tool for converting Unicode characters from text, headers, and email addresses while migrating Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

Unicode & ASCII Standard

Emails have taken the form of most popular communication method. Normal phone texts and even calls are replaced by emails. There may be may file sharing methods but most users still send attachments. Photos are embedded or attached in an email.

And it is not in one place or country, but everywhere. From a 90year old grandmother to a business CEO, everyone uses emails to communicate. It is quick, convenient, and gives users luxury to reply on their own time.

This popularity all around the world means ASCII standard (for American English and other characters) is no longer viable. In its place, Unicode standard is often employed.

It is the industry standard to encode text and characters. It engages in world’s most languages and writing systems and keeps the text everywhere consistent, and not just for emails, but everywhere where text is needed.

March 2019 introduced Unicode 12.0 version that now includes total 137,993 characters. The Unicode standard can also be used to represent/encode text even from historic scripts, symbol sets, and even emojis.

Considering all that, it is unfortunate that when it comes to migrating email data from email client to other, most tools are not fully capable of dealing with Unicode characters, only ASCII and others. This is even worse for the non-English text characters used in headers (to, from, cc, bcc, subject line).

Some of the languages incorporated in Unicode use double-byte to encode a single graphical character instead of single-byte as in English. Most common examples include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese (though almost obsolete now), and many other Asian languages/scripts.

There are other character encodings systems that accommodate for Chinese and Asian languages, but since Unicode is universal and can accommodate for many other scripts and symbols, it is employed most often.

How to Protect Unicode characters in email bodies and headers

Email migration is infamous for losing certain characters and not processing them. Many times, these characters appear broken or simply as blank square boxes after the conversion.

Given the popularity of emails, it is not probable that even an English speaking user has none of the international characters in at least few of the emails.

Here we are only focused on migrating Apple Mail to Thunderbird. And below we will give you the perfect tool to migrate data accurately, while protecting your non-English and Unicode text, both in email bodies and headers and everywhere else in the files.

The tool is called “Mail Extractor Max.”

migrating Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max for Migrating Apple Mail to Thunderbird

The team at USL Software, the company that made the Apple Mail converter tool, offered extra precaution for finer details and more complex type of information in your Apple Mail files. Most noticeably with Unicode text.

The tool does not use a single mechanism to deal with all emails and contents inside them. It has specialized mode for handling Unicode text and even other details such as long email addresses, media and non-textual attachments, graphical components, and more.

If you are a non-English speaker and all your emails contain Unicode text, or if you occasionally communicate with your internal clients/friends, “Mail Extractor Max” will offer the relief of converting every single word in your entire database. It is the only tool that offers relief of 100% clean conversion, leaving no errors.

Get it today for migrating Apple Mail to Thunderbird

There are three types of licenses packaged for diverse needs and scopes of migration undertakings, such as at home or at large workplace. Or you can download the trial version that is free and gives you the opportunity to evaluate the features more thoroughly.

Try Now: https://www.mailextractormax.com/

Mail Extractor Max” is a sophisticated application with a simple interface with many more features that we did not cover here. You can grab your free trial copy and see what else it has offer and how it works with your Apple Mail database.

Get it today for migrating Apple Mail to Thunderbird, Postbox. Entourage, Outlook for Mac, MBOX and EML file format.

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