Thunderbird to PST files conversion (Offering easy solution)

Observation of the common issues around you would make you realize that the troubles that we face in day-to-day life aren’t that different from each other after all. Likewise, the technical issues faced by users share that similarity. When you begin your search for a solution, you discover a number of people asking the same set of questions. The issues increase in number with the routine advancement of technology. Hence, there is a need for guidelines to direct the users towards optimum utilization of the technology. Here, we are going to discuss in detail one of those common technical issues-conversion of Thunderbird to PST files.

Although, Thunderbird has been a hot choice among the users, still when we compare it with Outlook, the latter definitely gets some extra points. Users get drawn to certain better attributes of Outlook like calendar applications, elaborate interface, etc. Be it professional or a personal choice but if one decides to make a shift from Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook, it would require them to convert their Thunderbird to PST files.

Thunderbird to PST files

Note that you can use for EML, MBOX, Postbox, Thunderbird and Apple Mail to PST conversion.

Thunderbird to PST files Conversion

The best way to convert the Thunderbird email to PST files is to bring into play a third party conversion tool. It is in the best interest of the users to choose a professional conversion tool for ideal results as well as for maintaining the safety of the data. Mail Extractor Pro is one such conversion tool that offers outstanding results without compromising on the security front. It is quick and smart in converting the Thunderbird Export to Outlook PST files. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the usage of the tool becomes quite intuitive even for the beginners. The free-flowing process has been so created to make it all the more intelligible to the end users.

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The conversion tool is loaded with features that in themselves are suggestive of its capability to handle the complicated Thunderbird mail to PST file conversion process. It has dedicated logics that facilitate conversion of complex elements like languages using double-byte characters, nested messages, graphical objects, etc. This is just the beginning of the long list of merits of this tool. Enlisted below is a detailed list of features of this amazing tool.

Get familiar with the attributes of a thriving Thunderbird to PST files converter – Mail Extractor Pro

The concise list mentioned below is not just a treat for the eyes but for the mind also. Here is what the most popular Thunderbird to PST files converter comprises of.

  • Lightning fast conversions: Convert your files from Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook in just a matter of few moments.
  • Batch conversions with 100% conversion rate: Convert large or small database with a guarantee of getting every element intact in the converted files. This tool will leave nothing unconverted.
  • Split large PST files: Set the files size as per your requirements.
  • Preserves folder hierarchy: This smart converter not only maintains the folder hierarchy but also gives you the option to choose the folders as per your choice. You can even ignore empty folders.

Isn’t it exciting already? Try this tool for yourself as it comes with a free demo trial version. Test it all you want, you wouldn’t be disappointed!

Thunderbird to PST files conversion

If you are looking for Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox or MBOX to PST converter, then it will be the perfect tool for your.

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