Online Converters aren’t the way to convert Thunderbird to PST!

Online Converter tools have been the center of email conversion process for a long time now. These converter tools are easily available and that has been their USP. Just with an Internet connection you can access these conversion solutions at a click of the button. But they are not the way to go if you want to safely convert Thunderbird to PST or any other data migration process.

Online Converter Tools

Online converter tools may be easier to reach but they lack the required processing power to carry out these conversion processes. The modern-day databases are everyday flooding with huge amounts of complex data. When it comes to converting this data from one format to another, it becomes a herculean task. A task at which online converter fails drastically.

Offline Converter Tools: The converter tools that you need

Offline Converter tools are the tools that are most suitable for your conversion process. They provide you with the required process power that helps you handle large and complex databases. There is a catch in this too. Not any offline converter tool will work.

To ensure a safe and accurate Thunderbird to PST conversion, you need a certified offline converter too. Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software is the best certified offline converter tool present in the market.

This well-rounded conversion solution has everything to handle all the aspects of the conversion process. Be it conversion accuracy or the retaining the integrity of your data, the tool provides something for everything.

online converter

Convert Thunderbird to PST Smartly

Smart is a word that you associate with the latest features of this tool. One of those features is to autoload the entire email database for conversion process.

The tool eliminates the need of user being involved in the process of loading up the email database. You don’t have to sit through the long and tiring process of selecting the files yourself.

All you need to do is choose the email client you want and then click on ‘Auto-Load’. This gets your database ready to be converted from Thunderbird to PST.

Splits Large PST files to make things easier

Large and data filled PST files have always been an obstacle for substandard conversion solutions. Most of them fail at overcoming this obstacle. This leaves your data vulnerable and the conversion process incomplete.

Mail Extractor Pro has a very smart solution for this. The tool splits the large PST files into smaller sizes. The tool does this with extreme precision and caution. It is easier to convert smaller Thunderbird files to PST. You can even set the size limit for the files as per your convenience.

Interface that is meant for All

The interface of this converter tool is really a gem of a feature. It is unlike any other converter tool interface that you may have come across. The interface of this tool is very intelligently and intuitively designed.

It only shows the necessary features that are required to get the job done. Plus, it gives you with a detailed infographic wizard that helps you with your Thunderbird to PST conversion.

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There is a free trial version of the tool available that you can download any try out all these features for free. Grab your copy and get started today.

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