Convert your OST data to PST on your own Terms: OST Extractor Pro

When you convert OST data to PST with a substandard conversion solution, you don’t have any kind of control over the conversion process. You have to sit on the sidelines and watch it all unfold. It is not in your hands if you want to ignore certain folders or the empty files and folders that don’t have any data. The conversion solution goes on converting them as well.

It is nothing but just a waste of time and computational power. You won’t get anything out of those empty files and will have to delete the folders that you didn’t want to get converted. You can avoid all this hassle and get more control over your conversion process. How? With the right converter tool. If you don’t have it yet, then don’t worry this article will introduce you to it.

OST Extractor Pro: Convert your OST data to PST with more control

OST Extractor Pro from USL Software is the OST data recovery tool that will give you the control that was missing from your previous conversion solutions. This power packed solution is the ideal tool for users of all kinds. It has the best features like accuracy, speed, ease combined together with very rare features like Bulk Conversion.

ost data to pst

This combination makes it the best choice to convert OST to PST. The tool is a favorite amongst the experts too. Top experts of the trade recommend the tool for affordable and consistent top-level conversion performances.

Ignoring Empty Folders is in your hand

First things first, the features of the tool that provide you the control over the conversion process. The tool allows you to ignore the empty folder present in the email database with just a single click of a button. On checking the option of ignoring the empty folders, the tool as you might have guessed, ignores them all.

This is not all. It also allows you to manually check and uncheck the folders that you want to be the part of your OST data to PST conversion process. This means that you can convert only the files you want and ignore the rest. This saves up your time, makes the process faster and stops the overuse of your resources.

Interface like this is hard to Find

User experience is another area where most substandard conversions fail to provide the users with top class service. Usually the interfaces of third-party converter tools are cramped up and show too many unnecessary features.

This makes it harder for the user to figure out the next step of the conversion process. Thus, hampering the user experience involved in the process. With this converter tool you won’t face any such problem. It provides you with a redefined user experience. It makes everything easy.

The initiative and intelligent interface of the tool only shows the features that you need to convert your data. It points the users in the right direction with its step by step guide and helps them achieve that perfect OST data to PST conversion process.

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