PST to Thunderbird Email Conversion (Advantages of A Pro Tool)!

A proprietary tool is made by an established company which invests in it and has certain standard license agreements in place. This is why these tools are safe and have standard warranties. Most often, there is some kind of IT support available to users after buying these tools. The terms and conditions are made clear about privacy of data and everything else. All of these justify these being paid tools. Few of these tools are much better than the others and have better support and privacy policy. One or two amongst these are affordable. We will be sharing our research with you.

Risks of open source software for PST email to Thunderbird conversion

Using open source software differs from proprietary tools in many ways. Consider a free tool which really works. This would mean it was developed by a good company but is now available as a crack. Using these tools without buying a license can cause legal issues. No company would go for it but an employee may. This is why educating employees about right policies is so important. Most often than not, such tools don’t work. Rather these can be just a trap laid to hack your system. This is another reason to not try these. At other times, though advertised to be free, there may be hidden costs which come to the fore after data is shared. So, using these tools is a big no.

An affordable Mac OS compatible professional tool which is the top performer

As promised, we share what out research has revealed. One tool has shone brighter than others due to better privacy, best support, lowest pricing, and easy usage. It is PST extractor Pro by USL. Privacy of data is ensured, support provided to users works round the clock, pricing is so low that individual users can also afford it, and usage is simple for even a first time user.

PST to Thunderbird Email Conversion

How these two attributes go on in making PST to Thunderbird migration suitable for all users?

When there is a wizard based interface, the PST converter tool will actually work in simple steps. User will have no problems going from one step to another. The selection of features is also quite simple and easy. When at the backend, some of the most advanced algorithms are powering the tool, none of these steps will have any lags or errors. This will also keep it all flowing smoothly. A user can move on with the process quite quickly and comfortably without help. These are two main features which make it very easy for anyone to use a tool and they are present in PST extractor Pro.

PST to Thunderbird

Most affordable PST to Mozilla Thunderbird conversion

With this tool, this task is most affordable due to a low price to begin with. This price is enough to get one a lifetime license. Also, it converts Windows PST files to other formats on Mac like Entourage, Apple mail, Postbox, etc.

A trial on offer

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