Smoothly transfer files from ost format with professional tool

The OST Extractor Pro by USL Software is steadily becoming the user’s favorite with its dedication towards providing reliable service in conversion and preservation of ost files. It provides an antidote to each of the problems faced during the conversion process and has a number of tricks up its sleeve to provide most flawless service. It has technologically advanced features which let even novices carry the conversion task without hesitation.

Migrate files without data loss or modification risk

Since the ost file is not a format recommended to save one’s file owing to the unreliable nature of it, people have recently begun relying on the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software for flawless conversion service. This app has all the features required during the conversion process, handmade keeping in mind the demand of users. Its sleek technology lets it convert files without exposing them to the risk of data corruption of modification, a regular problem with converter tools.

ost format

Support Unicode Data Conversion

Immediate benefit of using this tool is that it can convert files without being influenced negatively by the language or format of the files. In addition, the tool can be used for different kind of languages as well, languages in double-byte characters as well. Not only does it work well with a variety of languages, but also with a variety of formats. Be it Exchange version 5.0 to 2017 or Outlook version 2003 to Office 365, this tool will convert them all uninfluenced. In addition, the size of the files is not a concern either. This app will convert files irrespective of the time period they have been accumulated in your computer.

Super Easy

This ost extractor tool is extremely easy to use as well. It doesn’t require extra plug-in either as all features are integrated within it. It carries the whole process on its own, with the user only having to choose the files and format for conversion. So the user would not have to do anything other than choose the files, click next, choose the format for conversion, and let the tool manage everything else on its own. It can be used without knowledge of the complex procedures involved.

Fast and Accurate

Fast conversion rate is another benefit of using this ost file converter tool. This has been made possible by the batch conversion technology of this app. This feature allows users to convert files in batches, with as many files as they want at once. To the relief of the client, this feature does not influence the proficiency of the task either. Also, the client can use this app to convert their files no matter how unique their content is. Not only will it convert files in non-English languages but even those with Unicode components like metadata and headers.

ost file format

For the assistance of first-time user, this software provides a helpful client support system. The client can get answers to their inquiries by contacting them through mails as well as chats. Also, for users who would first like to try on the features of this app before buying it, a free trial version is available.

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