Transferring Apple Mail to Thunderbird, A Software With No Complexity!

Everyone’s database on email clients like Apple Mail is different. This is why many of the simple tools do not work all the time. If you have many large attachments that are non-textual, like media files, executable files, you can face abrupt interruptions and data split-up.

Transferring Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Moving Apple Mail to Thunderbird is relatively simpler than other types of data transfer. Because both clients work on Mac OS and support MBOX equally well. But the trouble with using MBOX files to do this is that the first step is archiving mailbox to MBOX. Because you do not get MBOX files by default in the database libraries.

But the modern users work with emails in more intricate manner. When was the last time, your work email contained only text, and how often do you do that? Likely chance is that not that often.

Most emails contain graphics like photos and graphs and charts. There also attachments in most emails. Even the text can be formatted in many various ways and can contain elaborate information like links and addresses and countless other forms of data.

The tool that Adapts to Your Data Complexity!

A tool for transferring Apple Mail to Thunderbird that does not adapt according to the unique database it is dealing with most likely result in sloppy output files with tons of defective components and even completely damaged data files.

Only a smart Apple mail conversion tool with adaptive algorithms at the baseline can work through this problem and dispense with clarity and consistency.

transferring Apple Mail to Thunderbird


Mail Extractor Max” is one of the those few solutions out there. With its accurate ability of data-flow and integrated modules at the core, it is able to deal with anything. The tool adapts to your particular form of database and the type of contents it has stored. This is the reason why many experienced users would recommend “Mail Extractor Max” regardless of what kind of migration project you are facing.

All of this is complimented with other features like excellent interface that simplifies the job for you. You can pick it up right away and not read a word on the technical side of the process. And you still be able to transfer Apple Mail to Thunderbird just like a seasoned professional.

transfer Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Convert Apple Mail to Many Others

Mail Extractor Max” has completely turned out the established norms and notions of email migration from Apple Mail to other clients. Please note that you can choose output format to be any other client than Thunderbird. For example, you can choose to convert or migrate Apple Mail to Outlook Mac, Entourage archive (2004/2008), Postbox, or even the commonly used files such as MBOX and EML.
Whatever your choice of output file is, you will get equally flawless conversion results at no cost to speed, stability, or your comfort.

Going with the conventional means to transfer mailboxes from Apple Mail to Thunderbird is now proven to be ineffective. And it will absolutely fracture your productivity (because it can be shockingly slow). Only “Mail Extractor Max” has the smart and adaptive technology and means to provide the experience you have wanted.

apple mail to thunderbird

Get your trial copy

The handy way to check all that is to download the setup file below and before activating the full version. Give a shot at the free trial mode (works for ten items per folder but no other features are locked).

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If you have other concerns, you will be relieved knowing that the excellent customer-driven support is ready 24 x 7 and is just a click away.

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