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Want to export emlx to eml?

EMLX files are associated with Apple Mail. Every single email is saved on a separate EMLX file, and all the EMLX files are together are saved in *.MBOX packages inside the Apple Mail identity database. These EMLX files were introduced in the 2nd edition of Mac Mail, replacing the standard MBOX format.

They helped Mac Mail achieve better functionality, especially in terms of index searching and the speed. It also makes it easier to spot the corruption since there is a separate file for each EMLX files, as opposed to one file for the entire mailbox. The modern .MBOX packages used in Mac Mail are not standard files and are in reality just the folders with .MBOX as the suffix added to their full names (extensions).

Therefore, many users wish to export EMLX to EML for safekeeping or for moving to another email client. The reason is that EMLX is not importable to any email client. They are strictly compatible only with Apple Mail.

Therefore, unless you have a standard file format, backing your Apple Mails emails in EMLX format isn’t a wise decision to do. Moreover, if you have to move to Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail, you can’t do that with either EMLX or MBOX. You need EMLX files.

EMLX to EML Converter

Quite possibly, you are here for one of the other reasons. But in both cases, you need to convert EMLX to EML. And you are looking for a decent EMLX to EML converter to do that.

We have something better for you today!

Why convert EMLX to EML when you can convert the entire Apple Mail database directly to EML? No fuss of finding EMLX files location, or archiving data to any other files. Yes, this is possible, even for less-experienced users.

The answer is a tool developed by USL Software called “Mail Extractor Max”. It goes beyond all the conventions and expectations and bring forward an entirely different way to backup or convert your Apple Mail data. It uses neither EMLX nor EML, but rather targets the identity database itself. All you have to do is click on ‘Auto-load’.

export emlx to eml

Mail Extractor Max converts Apple Mail / EMLX file to multiple file format.

This is an entirely new way of email migration and backup that doesn’t get to involve with all the complications of conventional approach. It avoids a lot of manual steps, it reduces the total time required for the job, it makes it easier for non-experienced users, and more importantly, it is far more accurate and precise than any other method and tool that you can find.

USL Software has worked industriously on all the tool’s components, from the inner-framework to dedicated conversion algorithms to user-interface. The result of which is the best approach for Apple Mail data migration, replacing the old, obsolete, and inefficient EMLX to EML conversion approach.

Making a change like that can achieve more than what you expect, even by the creators itself. The tool even achieves the features that were previously hard to achieve, such as full support for converting double-byte characters used by languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. It also increase the overall speed of data conversion almost 200% times.

convert emlx to eml

Download to Export EMLX to EML

Give it a shot! It will never disappoint you.

Claim your free trial copy here.

Get it here: https://www.mailextractormax.com/

If you have any queries, or if you feel stuck during the process, or face any kind of setback at all, contact 24×7 support staff of USL Software and they will help you in any way necessary.

Try “Mail Extractor Max” that doesn’t exactly do that. But rather gives you a chance to do something better in a professionally approve manner!

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