How to convert EML to PST smoothly and without risk?

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This article has the answer to how to convert EML to PST and every associated query. First of all, let us introduce to you Mail Extractor Pro by USL software which has been serving its users with the best quality of mail conversion experience possible. It has got under control every aspect of mail conversion and provides a smooth ride to even beginners.

how to convert eml to pst

If you are wondering how to convert EML to PST free then you must give the demo version of this software a try. It has the best mechanism for mail conversion and carries it within the mac itself. Have a look below at the pointers to figure out how to convert data on your own without any manual steps.

  • By clicking on the download link install this software. Then, open it by clicking on its icon twice. Now you can begin converting.
  • You can use this software not only to convert EML to PST but also use it over other mail clients. It is relevant for mail clients such as apple mail, thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML too.
  • Once you have selected the mail client, check the boxes on the right side, select and deselect files to continue.
  • There is also an option to automatically ignore all the empty folders, you will not have to deal with them once you opt for this.
  • Select the number of files you would like to split the PST files larger than 15 GB into. Then, send the command for the conversion, you will have at your disposal almost instantly.
convert eml to pst

Conversion speed unmatched by any other software

The user can rely upon this software to give them the conversion results almost immediately. This is possible as it converts data in the mac itself. As there is no need to transfer data to a windows device first, the time taken for the conversion is much less than usual. Also adding to the speed is the bulk conversion technology this software uses. Instead of converting files repeatedly, the user can send several files for conversion at once and save their time.

Compatible with various languages

Keeping in mind that emails are used all over the world for communication internationally this software has been designed accordingly. It is Unicode compatible, therefore one would not have to worry about any sort of damage to files that are in non-English languages.

how you can convert eml to pst

Responsible with your data

One does not have to keep into account the safety of their data as this software takes care of that aspect too. It makes sure that all the metadata remains safe while one is using this software. It also ensures the safety of attachments and nested messages. The folders and subfolders are also arranged by the software in the proper order, locating them takes no time. Enjoy converting mails using this software, get it right now from the link given below. Contact us whenever you need to at the client support.

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eml to pst

With Mail Extractor Pro, you can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, EML & MBOX to Outlook Mac & Windows

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