How to Avoid Ordinary EMLX to Outlook Converters and Still Migrate Mac Mail data Effectively!

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EMLX to Outlook Converter often don’t offer a professional and quick solution to data migration. They are filled with dozens of annoying issues. Here’s how you can migrate to your Outlook data without having to deal with EMLX files manually!

EMLX to Outlook Converter

EMLX to Outlook converters are commonly used to convert Mac Mail emails into Outlook PST format. Because Mac Mail files like EMLX that you cannot import directly with Mac or Windows Outlook. Therefore, by converting their formats, you can import the data using PST.

But sadly, the most common approach to move Mac Mail data by converting EMLX file is also the least effective. There’s no reason to go into detail of a process that is not accurate. But the thing that’s important to know is the primary reason why it doesn’t work.

Challenges for EMLX to Outlook Conversion

Firstly, it is tedious because you have to get the EMLX files and load them up manually. This is not a quick process because EMLX files are not for data conversion. You have to go into your Mac Mail profile database directory and select all the files for conversion by yourself. It’s also tedious because each EMLX file refers to a single email message. So the number of total EMLX files you have to convert to PST is equal to the number of emails in Mac Mail. This is most likely to be in thousands.

Secondly, since EMLX file isn’t necessary built for such tasks, converting them isn’t accurate and doesn’t result in thorough data migration. You are likely to face many data integrity issues like the folders displace from their original location and hierarchy. Or the non-English text (like Chinese or Japanese) will damage. Because it is tricky to process Unicode or DBCS type characters. Or that your embedded graphical components within emails will be missing the dimension and resolution. And dozens of other possibly crushing errors that could be very devastative for many users.

Best Way to Convert EMLX to Outlook

The best way to go around this problem is to not convert EMLX to Outlook PST but rather process data directly from the profile database. It should be evident that this should work better than the EMLX to Outlook converters. Because you are not dealing with the raw files manually. However, there are very few tools that can make it possible to convert straight from the native database automatically.

That is what “Mail Extractor Pro” brings to the table: a simple and professional course of action to convert or migrate your Mac Mail data into Outlook compatible PST files. You can finally let go of the weak solutions that try to extract EMLX files with lots of inaccuracies.

emlx to outlook converter

Mail Extractor Pro” lets you choose to either let the tool automatically detect your Profile database or select any other backup database folder to convert. Both of these options result in 100% conversion of all information stored inside Mac Mail. This is never possible with EMLX file conversion.

EMLX to Outlook Converter Free Trial

You can try it for free if you want to see it for yourself. You can use the free version that gives you access to all the features but only converts ten items from each folder. This makes way for you to see it in action without having to commit to anything. Later, when you feel it works the way you have always wanted for an email migration tool. You can go ahead with any of the several licenses offered by USL Software.

Try it here:

convert emlx to outlook

If you are looking for EMLX to Outlook Converter, then give it a try to ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.

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