Learn how to change OST to EML with OST Extractor Pro!

Change OST to EML – The only way is to convert OST file (What is OST) using an OST recovery tool. Here is the FAQ for all your queries.

What can be better than finding the best email converter tool to change OST to EML? Thinking? Well, the FAQs to support you throughout this journey are rated higher than the availability of tool itself. If you wish to learn about how to change OST to EML then do so with the help of the FAQs for OST Extractor Pro!

FAQs specific to OST Extractor Pro!

change ost to eml

Q. Can I get a tutorial on how to change OST to EML using OST Extractor Pro?

A. Well, you can and you will. Although, the process that this tool has for changing OST to EML is quite basic yet the guidelines might better the journey for the users. Here is a quick recap of how one can use this tool to change OST to EML:

Launch the tool on the screen and begin with the upload of the content. This can be done using auto-load or manual load option.

The files uploaded will be displayed on the screen with little check-boxes beside them. De-select the ones that are not required and move on.

Choose the output as EML and carefully select the location for saving the output.

Hit on convert and wait a few minutes for the tool to rapidly give out the final result.

Locate the final files by opening the chosen location.

In case of any hiccups, which are completely improbable, the customer support team can be contacted and resolution can be sort almost immediately.

Q. How would I know which license key is suitable for me?

A. The entire information pertaining to the license keys can be found on the website of OST Extractor Pro! However, in brief, there are 4 different license keys which have been developed to suit the needs of the users. These are: Standard, Household, Business, and Enterprise. Standard is suitable for individual users with one system, Household for friends and families and two systems, Business for small companies with up to 50 systems, and Enterprise for larger companies with unlimited systems. There are more minute details pertaining to each one of these license keys which can be looked at on the site. Depending on your usability, finalize the option and obtain the key by registering on the site.

how to change ost to eml

Q. Can I get a refund on OST Extractor Pro if I don’t like the tool?

A. Refund for the tool can be availed only if one out of the two under-mentioned options comes out to be true:

First is that the client is completely able to change OST to EML using the trial version but the same does not happen when tried with the full licensed version.

Second is that the full licensed version fails to change OST to EML completely and nothing works even after the solutions given by the technical support team.

The final refund amount is decided on the basis of the tasks that are carried out successfully.

If you are looking a software to convert ost file, then try ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ today!

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