Convert PST files to EML files Leisurely with a Tool Accommodating to Both Experts and Beginners!

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If you, as a common home user, would like to convert PST files to EML files in a leisurely manner, while avoiding any technical hassles and challenges, read on.

You will find out how the task of this data conversion and data migration is now accessible for everyone, regardless of how tech-savvy you are or not.

Convert PST files to EML files

To convert PST files to EML files is often a task reserved for IT experts or tech-savvy users who are well-read on the concepts of data files and email data transformation. Because moving the emails from Outlook to other clients is not simply about migration but about the whole restructuring of data elements. It involves the complete overhaul of metadata and the syntax to be able to convert the format in a meaningful way. Because both PST and EML have different ways of storing information, to convert them require a smart way to map the fields and identifies and so on.

The Excellent Tool for It

But none of that is a concern of yours anymore. Did you find yourself unable to grasp what exactly the words in the above passage meant? No worries. With the help of ‘PST Extractor Pro’ – an excellent tool that is accommodating to everyone – you too can transform and export PST files to EML files like a breeze. It’s a simple point-and-click program that works on all kinds of PST files, deliver neat and error-free outcome, is quick to process the data, and is also considerate to the data integrity of your emails.

It can convert Outlook to MBOX, EML, ICS, VCF, RGE, Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird, Postbox etc.

convert pst files to eml

Advance Algorithms & Features

The deep-layered algorithms and policies for data retention are comprehensive and precise. You can simply load the PST files and hit ‘Convert’ button and let the tool do the rest. It works in a fully automated way, handles the data management and conversion, all behind the screen, but also leaving certain optional controls to let you alter the final files if you so need or want to. For example:

  • Once the PST files are selected, you can manually refine the folder selection. Ignore any folder that are not needed to convert to EML.
  • A single click for automatically omitting all the empty folders within the PST files database
  • Option to convert and consolidate the separate contacts to a single VCF File (per folder) and separate calendar agenda items to a single ICS file (per folder)
  • Dynamic processing of folders and full data-retention in terms of their hierarchy
  • Consistency in dealing with intricate parts like metadata and headers
  • Full and native support for the extraction of MIME defined emails (especially when they include non-English/Unicode text and media and application files as attachments)
  • Option to split read and unread emails and save them in two different folders, even if they were in a single folder originally inside PST files

Let’s see how it handles some of the data items and elements, mainly images and attachments, that are otherwise difficult to retain:


HTML formatted emails have allowed us to create messages that look more appealing, more professional, or more personal, depending on how you format your email. One of the added benefits of HTML format is embedding images directly inside the body of the message, instead of adding the file as an attachment. But such graphic-based information often gets modified or altered in an unwanted fashion when converting PST files to EML files. But there’s only tool that gets it right. You might have guessed it. Yes, “PST Extractor Pro” is fully calibrated to convert images cleanly.


MIME is an internet standard that makes it possible to use non-ASCII character set (non-English content) and attachments other than just documents and text. Once again, this sophistication has made emailing the best way to communicate and share data, but it does cause trouble during data transformation and conversion, especially when converting PST files to EML files. To handle these MIME defined emails containing attachments that are media or application files, a converter must have the critical level of algorithms that can handle the movement of these files from one format to another, without getting broken or being completely lost.

Try it to see in action

If you want to jump directly into the action, the demo version of PST Extractor Pro is now free to download instantly. You do not need to specifically request a demo copy for yourself; click the instant download link below to get the installer-file directly on to your computer.

convert pst files to eml files

You can see for yourself how the interface accommodates to both high-end users working for a large IT infrastructure and home users trying to migrate or convert their personal PST files to EML files. The simple and minimal UI integrates the advanced features in what is essentially a crowning stroke of software designing.

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