PST to MBOX Converter – The Finest Application I Found After Trying Dozens!

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PST to MBOX Converter that I have tried.

PST to MBOX Converter Tool

I love Mac and their operating system, OS X.

Despite that, I have worked on Windows my whole life. And as to the reason why that is the case, it would be a complicated answer involving my business needs and other factors. The point is, I have been using Windows my whole life while always liking the Mac and wanting to switch one day.

Then finally, I did, last week. I got a Mac-book Pro.

The Need of It

However, little did I Know, the migration would turn out to be overwhelming. And most of all, it is my mail data in Outlook that I wanted to move to ‘Mail’ in Mac OS, that troubled me the most.

Ultimately, I figured out the best way is through PST to MBOX converters. As most of my Outlook data was archived to local PST files. Any other manual method would have taken me ages to properly export into Mac Mail.

But not many of these PST to MBOX converters worked like I expected them to. Almost all of them were missing at least something that would ultimately make them useless for my needs. It was very frustrating. If I found out that the tool has all the features, it was usually their user-interfaces that made a beginner like me confuse for hours.

And I couldn’t waste a lot of my time figuring out the ins-and-outs of this technical process. After all, deciding to migrate contents using a software application was solely so I can avoid the manual elaborate methods.

Anyway, without going further into the story of my distress with all the PST to MBOX converters, lets get into ‘PST Extractor Pro,’ the tool I want to recommend to you badly if you are now in the similar situation was I was in.

The Best PST to MBOX Converter Tool

PST Extractor Pro‘ in an excellent converter for converting PST files to all other formats popularly used today by clients and programs, which includes MBOX.

pst to mbox converter

The tool’s biggest appeal to me was when I first started it on my computer – the simplicity. Right after launching it, I could intuitively see what I need to do to convert my files. And it isn’t much. Just load the PST files and choose the output format as ‘MBOX’ and click ‘Convert.’

There are other unique and valuable features too, which are option, but can make the outcome more professional and suited for each individuals’ unique needs (for instance, splitting large MBOX files into smaller files, and more).
Another cause of worry for many people moving their email data, including myself, is the incomplete and partial conversion. This could be devastating in many cases, if the PST to MBOX converter you are using failed to process an important component from your files (like your client’s details, or your personal photos, or anything else that you don’t want to lose).

But to my biggest relief, ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ worked with accuracy all throughout my emails and was able to convert everything.

Free to Try PST to MBOX Converter

If you want to try it, you can go with the free demo version and check it out for yourself.

Try it at

I tried almost a dozen other PST to MBOX converters, and while few worked well-enough, almost all of them failed to provide a perfect way of converting these files, except ‘PST Extractor Pro‘.

Also remember that is not just a PST to MBOX converter, but can also convert your Outlook PST files to Thunderbird, Apple Mail native ‘Mail’ database, Postbox, and EML files too.

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