PST to MBOX Freeware Tools and Why They are an Inconvenient Choice for Data Conversion!

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PST to MBOX Freeware

If you are looking for PST to MBOX freeware solutions or tools, then the article is for you.

PST and MBOX are both data files that work in a similar way – to store data. But they don’t have similar inner structure and the organization of data inside them uses varying degrees of framework. PST is a proprietary file format by Microsoft with Windows Outlook. Whereas MBOX has a more generic nature where many clients and programs support it.

PST to MBOX Freeware Tool

A PST to MBOX freeware tool would not do a thorough job of converting the data from them. It requires sophisticated algorithms that can reconstruct the data from PST in a way that fits the contrasting format of MBOX. The frame used in both files make it harder for tools to extract information cleanly and not end up with fragmented files.

Considering that, it’s not a surprise that many experts recommend to avoid the free tools that are built by casually with no consideration to the complexity involved in the task. They also have poor implementation of the interface design, where most of them either miss necessary options and are too basic, or are too cluttered with redundant features, making the job exhausting.

PST to MBOX Freeware Solution

And finally, PST to MBOX freeware solutions have no support for certain components that require special treatment.

For instance, text characters that are encoded using double-byte instead of single. Usually, Chinese and other variants of Chinese (Japanese, Korean, etc.) languages use DBCS encoding standards. It’s one thing to convert English that uses ASCII. But it’s a lot trickier to make sure every text in any language is converted cleanly.

Another example is the unread status of emails. Many users don’t read all the emails and they would like to keep in their database as ‘unread.’ It would be a disaster if they all turned into read emails. And majority of free tools don’t have the scripting necessary to tackle this metadata/information from files.

If you don’t like this scenario, go for a professional PST to MBOX, with at least a free trial version.

Professional Tool to Convert PST to MBOX

The one that is used and recommended frequently is “PST Extractor Pro“. It not only removes the concern of partial conversion, poor UIs, and no support for complex items, it also features other unique and valuable options that a traditional tool fails at.

PST to MBOX Freeware

It also features automatic contacts and calendar conversion, batch conversion of multiple files, 24×7 customer support, and more.

The UI design is specifically for beginners so they can start converting PST to MBOX right away. But without removing any of its advanced functionality that are beneficial in massive migration projects.

PST to MBOX freeware trial version

If you want to try it, you can go ahead and download its free trial version. It helps you see and inspect everything up close without having to buy it. Once you are confident, you can choose any of its several cost-effective pricing packages accordingly.

Download at

I would say dont go for PST to MBOX freeware solution or tool, try this tool for converting PST to MBOX for most accurate results.

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