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Convert PST to EML Tool – the one of the rarest professional converter that gives you back the control of your files and data in a way that’s intuitive and not overwhelming to the beginners.

Convert PST to EML with Software

PST to EML data conversion can take you back several hours on your productivity. It not only hated by the basic users but also by IT professionals who are experienced in otherwise email migration tasks.

This is because the complex items inside email files are hard to process and even harder to extract for different formats. PST is a proprietary file format from Microsoft only for Outlook, therefore, to get its data to move to EML is complicated.

Challenges – Convert PST to EML

Large PST file

Sadly, many email migrations fail when faced with large PST files. They also have terrible interfaces that make the job even harder than it needs to be. If you have not converted these files before, you will be stuck for very long trying to understand how to take the first step.

Loss of Data

And those are not even the biggest concerns and challenges of converting PST to EML. The worst is losing your important details.

Email is the most common communication method used today. You probably have a lot of important information saved in your PST files. The longer you have used Outlook, more important the data inside PST files, and bigger the concern regarding data loss when converting them to EML.

Data integrity Issue

The tools that have somewhat relatively better algorithms from other tools may get the information but they also modify parts of your database. That’s not exactly data loss but data integrity loss, where you don’t get everything in their correct order or structure. Sometimes, that can be equally worse than actually losing emails or other items.

Mesh-up Your Email Folders

The most frequent issue many people face is getting their folders all jumbled in together or they are not in their correct arrangement after conversion. Another common item modified by ordinary tools is image or photos losing their dimension or other properties. Sometimes email addresses are truncated, especially if they use Unicode characters like Chinese.

Remember all of these unwanted modifications are only if you use slightly better PST to EML conversion tool than most. Because most of the converters often lose the entire files or emails.

Choosing the best tool to convert PST to EML

After all this, users don’t even get any sort of control of the process or the output. They are simply given the option to load the PST file and the tools convert them to EML with many errors. There are not necessary options or features to customize the result, like ignoring empty folders, splitting large files, removing specific folders, filtering folders, or anything. This lack of flexibility while also not getting data converted with accuracy can be very painful.

All of this has turned the job of PST to EML conversion into a nightmare for all sorts of users in all types of data migration projects. Be it a home user who wants to convert his personal emails from PST to EML or an IT guy who’s tasked with large databases for migration.

The Best PST to EML Conversion Tool

If you are expecting the best PST to EML conversion tool, you are not wrong. The rest of the article will discuss a tool that has effective ended the ineffective approach to data conversion. It contains useful features and even more powerful algorithms that keep the data integrity intact.

convert pst to eml

Officially called “PST Extractor Pro”. It’s the only solution for converting PST to EML that is developed while keeping the challenges in mind. The developers have made sure that you never face the same problem that other tools make you to. All your details from the files get processed by the tool with accuracy.

The Key Features of it:

Here are some of its primary features that will help you understand why it deserves the rep that it has garnered from experts.

  • The first thing a user notices is its interface. It’s very simple and basic. Anyone regardless of experience or tech knowledge can start converting without a hitch.
  • In spite of that, it is not limited in any sense. It offers useful and unique features and options that will help you get the result that you want.
    • You can ignore all empty folders in a single click so they don’t’ get converted to EML
    • You can choose to keep your emails in different folders in EML after conversion based on their read/unread status.
    • The tool also converts contacts and calendar into VCF and ICS files automatically.
    • You can manually remove or exclude any folders from converting them into EML (by simply removing the check next to them)
    • It also converts PST to MBOX files. You can split large MBOX files into smaller files by specifying the size limit that you find suitable for you.
  • The tool fully converts all non-English characters that are supported by universal UNICODE standard. (eg. Chinese or Japanese or any other Double-byte characters).
  • The folder hierarchy/structure is never interrupted. All your folders remain in their original arrangement, as they were in PST.
  • Same goes for other items, primarily graphical content. None of the photos or images will lose their properties like dimensions and resolution.

PST Extractor Pro – Convert PST to EML with Ease

You will never find any other solution better than “PST Extractor Pro”. Because it is fine-tuned for any possible challenge an email migration task can face. The developers have come up with innovative algorithms to tackle them all effectively.

One of the main reasons to get behind “PST Extractor Pro” is the company that has developed it, USL Software.

USL Software has been around for many years and have collective hundreds or more glorified reviews from experts. Their email migration tools (like “PST Extractor Pro”) have helped home users and large corporations move their complex and large email databases with ease and accuracy.

Finally, one thing that many other tools almost always lack is a good tech support. With “PST Extractor Pro”, you have a team of email migration experts always having your back. Even though the UI is intuitive and the entire process usually goes without a hitch. You can occasionally have some specific problems related to your personal files and databases. In such cases, you cannot overestimate the value of a good tech support.

Try it to convert PST to EML

Get a free trial setup to check it out yourself. The trial version lets you convert ten items per folder from PST files to EML. After that, you can choose any one of the several licenses available to activate to full version.

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