Outlook Mac Database Recovery

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Outlook Mac Database Recovery – Making Sure You Get All Your Data Items Securely Restored from Damaged Mac Outlook Database!

Outlook Mac Database Recovery

Now you can recover your corrupt Outlook data in a matter of minutes. The excellent utility by Gladwev Software can reach to the furthest corners of your Outlook database. It will restore every little item to the format of your choice.

The Outlook for Mac

Outlook for Mac is an amazing email client. It offers almost all features that a user needs for managing the emailing needs. Since 2016 version, it has also received many important updates and new features, like collaborating with other users, and so on. However, the corruption of the native database and files remain a huge concern that frequently shows up when you least expect it.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with such corruption or damaged files. You can use from number of applications available online to restore or recover your emails stored in damaged files.

But it does not always go according to the plans.

The way we work with emails today has changed significantly than the past. It’s no longer about sending and receiving simple text from different users. You can today do all sorts of complicated sharing using emailing platforms and even work with others in your team in real time. Attaching files has changed to attaching cloud-based links for the files that you want to share. All this added functionality also increases the difficulty in restoring data if the files are corrupt.

Mac Outlook Data Recovery Solution

Therefore, what happens in majority of cases that employed a generic data recovery tool is that they do not get the entirety of your data back. Many things might be restored incorrectly and many information types will be entirely lost. Mainly, it’s the type of content that are complicated that gets lost during the process of recovery. Such as: email attachments, email headers, MIME defined content, text in non-English languages, and so on.

Many basic solutions for olm data recovery offer a highly flawed and unsatisfactory recover results. In workplace environment, not getting a single image converted correctly can potentially mean losing a contact information of an important client.

That is why it is vital to choose the tool for recovery carefully. If that sounds intimidating because you can’t have another day wasted just trying to find which one works the best, you don’t have to worry. The passages following below talks about the simplest to use software but also the most powerful in recovering everything. And it is free to download now for trial purposes.

It is simply titled “Outlook Mac Database Recovery”. It should be obvious what it does, but what is not obvious is how it does it.

About Outlook Mac Database Recovery

Outlook Mac Database Recovery is a Mac based solution for getting back your important emails and everything associated with them in a file format of your choice. So, you can recover everything to OLM file, to import it back to Outlook. You can recover emails to other format for other email clients like Mac Mail, Thunderbird, or more.

In a way, Outlook Mac Database Recovery is also an email migration tool that you can use if you want to migrate Outlook data to other clients. But it’s major task is to recover data and that’s what we are talking about.

Recover & Convert Mac Outlook Data

The tool’s biggest feature that sets it apart from the rest is the accuracy and the detailed output files without any modification to data loss. Remember, we talked about losing MIME defined content, headers, attachments, and images, above? Outlook Mac Database Recovery does not result in such semi data recovery. It is able to pick everything from Outlook database.

But the reason why it can be 100% accurate is that it doesn’t need OLM files to perform its job.

Most of the tools for recovering Outlook data required OLM Files, where OLM is a native format that stores all the data. It’s a common way of dealing with this problem, but also has a drawback. Many times, when the database is corrupt, it can get hard to use Outlook correctly. And without Outlook, you cannot archive your emails to OLM Files, if you haven’t done it already. This is where “Outlook Mac Database Recovery” really shines. Because it allows you to directly load and recover data from the native identity folder. You do not even need OLM Files.

Features of Outlook Mac Database Recovery

This quick approach makes it much simpler for a basic user. But more importantly, handling the source of data during recovery process allows it to be much more comprehensive and precise than any other solution out there.

  • It supports recovering Outlook 2011 and Outlook 2016 databases.
  • It allows saving the recovered data in multiple formats. (Entourage, Outlook Mac, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and standard MBOX and EML Files too).
  • Automatically converts contacts and calendar to VCF and ICS files
  • Allows merging contacts to one VCF and calendar to one ICS file respectively, per folder.
  • There’s an option to recover from OLM Files in case you cannot use the direct approach
  • You can also choose to recover any backup database folder from any location.
  • Fastest data-processing even when dealing with overly large files or folders
  • The brief and detailed conversion report allows users to analyze the results in a complex data recovery project.
  • There’s a 24 x 7 tech support that can help you smoothly go from the starting point to the finish, even though the UI is pretty intuitive for everyone.
  • Simple installation and is very light-weight (doesn’t use much of your CPU resources).

Get Outlook Mac Database Recovery

Outlook Mac Database Recovery

Like with most other applications by Gladwev Software, this tool is available in many licenses, depending on how many machines do you want to install it into. But if you want to first try it out, go with the free trial versions. It works exactly like an activate version with all the features fully allowed to use. The trial version limits the recovery to ten items within each folder of Outlook database or OLM File. Which is a great opportunity to check it out in detail without any restriction that matters.

How to Recover Mac Outlook Database

  1. Launch Outlook Mac Database Recovery Software.Outlook Mac Database Recovery for Mac
  2. Select desired source and click on “Next“.
    1. Express – It is recommended, because it will auto detect your Mac Outlook databse for recovery process.
    2. Custom – If you have backup copy of OLM file or Mac Outlook identity folder, use Custom recovery process.
  3. Select what you want to convert from preview panel and click on “Next“.Mac Outlook Database Recovery
  4. Select your output format and check optional settings. Then click on “Next”.Outlook mac Database Recovery
  5. Now it will start converting your data to your desire file formats.Outlook Mac Data recovery
  6. Get full conversion details.Mac Outlook Data Recovery

Outlook Mac Database Recovery helps you to recover Mac Outlook (OLK & OLM) and convert it into your required file formats.

9.5 Total Score

Recover and Convert Mac Outlook Data (OLK & OLM) to many other file formats.


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