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The superior OLM to MBOX Converter by USL Software that has no problem converting data without the missing elements and without data corruption.

Need of OLM to MBOX Converter

Consider this situation: You have been using Mac Outlook for quite some time now, perhaps for many years. Now, you are either switching to Mac Mail, Thunderbird, or some similar email client. Or, you might want to share a large piece of data with the users of these clients (Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc.).

What choice do you have to export the contents of Mac Outlook to these other clients? Well, if your emails are in email servers, you can simply add your email account to Apple Mail and sync the data from the servers. But what if the data isn’t on your email servers, but are stored locally.

Many users deal with hundreds of emails daily. They don’t have that kind of storage capacity in their email servers. So, to free up space from the servers, they store all their data locally and delete it from the servers.

In that case, exporting all those emails and other types of content from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail is even more difficult and complex, because now you can’t simply sync the data from the servers.

Let’s talk about the method that is most common and efficient — converting the data files OLM to MBOX. To do that you need an OLM to MBOX converter.

What are data files used by Mac Outlook and Apple Mail?

As stated above, to free the space up from the servers, the data can be stored locally in the email clients. But where exactly is this data stored and in which format?

Well, in most cases, the email clients have their identity database directories where the data is stored in the raw format. Apple Mail identities are in the format of EMLX. Whenever you make changes to your emails or other items, Apple Mail interacts with these files.

Mac Outlook has a bit complex and a different format of data storage. OLK14message is one of the file formats used by Mac Outlook. You can access these files here — /Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/Main Identity/Database.

However, these raw files are of no use when it comes to migrating the data to another client. Because they are not meant for conversion or export or even for back up purposes. They are the direct interacting files for the basic functionality of the clients. IN other words, you cannot simply copy the OLK14Message files from Mac Outlook and move them into Apple Mail database.

Another form of data files are archived data files that do come into play for our objective of data migration. And they are called OLM and MBOX files for Mac Outlook and Apple Mail respectively.

They are not generated by the clients themselves; you have to manually archive your data to them. Or you can use Apple’s Time machine app to set backup actions at regular intervals.

OLM and MBOX files are what we need to move your years of stored emails from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail.

Perfect Way to Convert OLM to MBOX

The best way is to use an excellent application developed by USL Software, called “OLM Extractor Pro.”

If it is not clear from the name, here’s the simple explanation of what this app does and how:

OLM Extractor Pro” is not technically a file converter, but the data extractor files. It extracts the data from OLM files (input), and then reconstructs it for MBOX file format (output).

OLM Extractor Pro — Convert OLM to MBOX, EML, RGE, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft Entourage. (Migrate Mails, Contacts, Calendars etc).

What you need to do is to archive your emails into an OLM file using the “Export” feature of Mac Outlook (File à Export), and then load that file into “OLM Extractor Pro.” The tool will extract every single bit of item into MBOX file. Now, you need to import the MBOX files into your Apple Mail (File à Import), and you’ll get everything transferred without any troubles.

olm to mbox converter

If you are wondering why “OLM Extractor Pro” and not any other tool, the explanation is below.

Why “OLM Extractor Pro?”

OLM Extractor Pro” is the tool built by USL Software. And it is the most recommended tool for this purpose for variety of reasons.

Here are some of them:

  • It is built to be used by anyone. The advanced features it offers are laid out carefully into its graphical interface so as not to overwhelm and confused users. Even the complete novice users can begin converting OLM to MBOX without any issues.
  • It offers batch conversion of OLM files, without diluting the power and accuracy. You can convert multiple OLM files of any size and still expect no breakdowns, crashes, or data integrity corruption.
  • It is the only OLM to MBOX converter that converts every single bit of data without exception. Most tools fail to convert elements like images, attachments, metadata, and so on. USL Software built “OLM Extractor Pro” while keeping in mind this annoying and very frequent limitation of most tools. In process, they developed a particular algorithm that scans the files thoroughly and converts everything with 100% precision.
  • Multiple options like saving read and unread emails in separate folders, converting and merging all contacts from a single folder to a single VCF file, converting and merging all calendar entries from a single folder to a single ICS file, filtering folders, ignoring all empty folders, in-depth log report, and many others.

With such an extensive list of features offered, it is hard to ignore the benefits and value “OLM Extractor Pro” offers. And when you consider how inefficient and limited the traditional tools are, the tool becomes even more impressive.

Watch the video to see how it works:

Let go of all the inefficient and sloppy tools and manual techniques to move years’ worth of data form Mac Outlook to Apple Mail or Thunderbird.

Download this OLM to MBOX Converter

Make sure to download the free trial setup to find more about the tool in person. The trial mode can convert ten items from each folder within each Olm file that you want to convert. This will give an exact idea of how it works.

The link is given below.

Read More: https://www.uslsoftware.com/olm-to-mbox-converter-for-mac/

If you are looking for OLM to MBOX Converter, then must try it.

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