EMLX to EML Conversion Using “Mail Extractor Max”

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EMLX to EML Conversion

To convert EMLX to EML, you need a specialized tool, not just another ordinary file converter. USL Software’s “Mail Extractor Max” is that specialized tool.

EMLX to EML migration is a very common task. Many people are looking to keep a backup of their EMLX files in EML files because EML is more generic in nature. Some people are also looking to convert EMLX to EML files because they want to migrate their data to other email clients where EMLX files are not useful, such as Entourage or Outlook Express in Windows.

Before I proceed with the most efficient tool for this task, let me give one important piece of advice about majority of EMLX to EML converters. These converters are very inefficient in protecting the fidelity of your data. Because in reality, they simply rename the file from .EMLX to .EML as their extensions. This can even be done manually using Automator app in Apple.

So, why one should look for commercial, professionally built tools? Because renaming them isn’t exactly conversion of data. While Outlook Express may recognize these renamed .EML files when you import them, but it will fail to keep the data in the original format and there will be severe fragmentation of data.

Embedded images might be distorted or completely lost. Email address are also damaged. Folder hierarchy gets completely messed up. These are just few of the examples of how an ordinary tool “converts” EMLX to EML.

Perfect tool for EMLX to EML Conversion

The tool mentioned below, on the other hand, has a modern data conversion algorithms. And technically, it extracts information from EMLX files and properly implement it into newly created .EML files. This is done through specialized logic that processes data and preserves its integrity, and yet, restructures everything in the appropriate configuration that makes sense to genuine .EML files.

The tool I am referring to is called “Mail Extractor Max” and is developed by USL Software. It is very easy to use, allows batch conversion, protects folder hierarchy, supports the conversion of non-English text, preserves metadata, and is very easy to use by basic home users who have technical expertise in email migration.

EMLX to EML Conversion

Mail Extractor Max — Convert Apple Mail / EMLX to Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook:mac 2011, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML.

But more than that, the tool has excellent input options:

  • You can automatically load your native/identity Apple Mail database directly with a single click. Apple Mail database already contains EMLX files. No need to load EMLX files individually.
  • You can manually load Apple Mail database back up folders containing EMLX files from any location.
  • You can manually load MBOX files from any location.

With all such options and features, the likelihood of having a bad experience while migrating emails is nil.

USL Software has done a great deal to make the tool as intuitive for beginners as possible. The interface is designed for the minimal inputs and disruptions. In one smooth flow, you can get perfectly accurate .EML files without worrying about data loss or corruption.

Read More: https://www.mailextractormax.com/

Get it today. The free trial version works for ten items per folder.

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