Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird Conversion

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Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird conversion can take its toll on an ordinary user, even sometimes on experts. It’s a migration process that cannot be done correctly without the help of a professional tool.

Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird conversion

Mac Mail is an email client for Mac OS X that has allowed users to effectively manage their emailing needs. Thunderbird is another email client in a similar domain. It has a lot of features to help you deal with the demands of emailing. Thunderbird, unlike Mac Mail, is a cross-platform client that can work on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

This post is going to discuss how you can move your data from Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird without losing your precious time and data integrity.

One of the primary reasons why the process of data conversion is difficult is in the diverging nature of the clients and the files they use to store data. Mac Mail stores data in EMLX files and Thunderbird doesn’t let you import data in EMLX format. So, you are stuck with converting EMLX files to the format that Thunderbird can read and import.

But converting each EMLX file manually to Thunderbird can be lengthy and challenging. To deal with that, there are few tools that can help you simply the process. However, most of these tools don’t have the proper algorithms to take care of the data complexity and can end up with fragmented files. The data integrity loss is one of the biggest concerns users have when employing such generic file converters.

Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird conversion Tool

Welcome to the USL Software, the company in the domain of email migration for many years now. It has constantly introduced solutions to simplify these tasks for both home users and corporations. This time they have made the job of converting data from Mac Mail to Thunderbird more efficient, quick, and accurate.

The tool is called “Mail Extractor Max”. One of its most prominent features is that it delivers the clean conversion without missing or not converting any component. This is very important because email data files can have a lot of complex information and tiny data components that are hard to process. But the dedicated algorithms that this tool uses will get the data transferred from Mac Mail to Thunderbird easily without errors.

Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird conversion

It’s second best feature is that it doesn’t need any data files like EMLX or MBOX like most other email migration utilities do. “Mail Extractor Max” has the ability to directly scan your Mac Mail profile database folder automatically. It gets the contents extracted straight from the source. Not only does it make the job easier and quicker, it is also one of the reasons why the tool is so precise in converting data because it targets the source directly.

Here are some more of the features of “Mail Extractor Max”

  • Can load the backup database folder for Mac Mail
  • Maps the folder hierarchy correctly from Mac Mail to Thunderbird
  • Can also support the Unicode (non-English) text conversion fully
  • The tool allows you to convert Mac Mail data to many more formats, not just Thunderbird. ie: Postbox, Entourage, Outlook for Mac, and also to MBOX and EML files.

Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird

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