Export EMLX to Thunderbird Without the Dire Data Loss!

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Export EMLX to Thunderbird without the dire effects that email migration is usually associated with. How? Let us show you!

Way to Export EMLX to Thunderbird

Email migration is getting quite a rep these days due to its nature close to data corruption and sometimes even data loss. Even though, many users often need their data to transfer between email clients, it is unfortunate that most haven’t got any good solution yet.

But today we are about to change it.

First — what is exporting EMLX to Thunderbird? It is basically an email migration when you wish to move data inside EMLX files into your Thunderbird client. EMLX is a file format for Apple Mail to store messages. Each EMLX file contains a single email message.

The trouble with this EMLX export to Mozilla Thunderbird is that EMLX is not compatible with Thunderbird. EMLX was never developed by Apple to either backup or even migrate data. It’s a basic, raw file inside your Mail profile database. So converting it or importing it into other client is not natural.

There are few EMLX to Thunderbird converter that offer a way out. It’s a workaround to the incompatibility issues between the file and the client.

But what we are going to recommend below is something far better and more efficient.

EMLX to Thunderbird Converter

EMLX to Thunderbird conversion, even by an excellent converter can lead to many problems. It is often difficult and time consuming. Users have to manually find their EMLX files into the profile database, and so on. Our solution avoids all those complications and instead offers you a smooth and quick approach for migrating your data.

To do that, you have to download “Mail Extractor Max”. It’s a tool from USL Software for Mac users. You can get the free trial version here to see what it is all about and to see the tool work in action.

export emlx to thunderbird

Export EMLX to Thunderbird is Super Easy

So, how does it convert or export EMLX to Thunderbird?

It doesn’t, and that’s where all the difference comes. It rather auto loads your Apple Mail profile automatically, completely bypassing any need of using EMLX files. All your emails, contacts, and other items are inside your profile database directory that also includes EMLX files. But you no longer have to manually pick these files because “Mail Extractor Max” does that for you, including every other raw information that’s inside the profile.

Mail Extractor Max — Convert Apple Mail / EMLX to Entourage Archive 2004/2008, Outlook:mac 2011, Mozilla Thunderbird (Mac & Windows), MBOX and EML file format.

This not only generates a quick road to clean conversion, but also makes it too easy for beginners to finish this an otherwise advanced job that is usually reserved for experts. You simply have to choose “Auto-load’ and the tool does the rest.

It also results in accurate data conversion. Whatever information resides inside your Apple Mail profile will convert into Thunderbird without fragmentation, without losing any item, or without any corruption.

Other impressive traits of “Mail Extractor Max” include support for non-English text conversion, folder hierarchy safety, splitting large file, and 24×7 customer support from USL Software.

Get the free trial version now: https://www.mailextractormax.com/.

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