Mozilla Thunderbird Export to PST (Microsoft Outlook)

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Mozilla Thunderbird Export to PST for Outlook

Here’s the Easy and best way convert Thunderbird Export to PST  for Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook. The perfect approach to Data Migration.

Thunderbird export to PST — The Easy Way without any Thunderbird add-on, without any manual action, and without any fear of data loss!

Are you tired of looking for straightforward approach for Thunderbird export to PST? If you are looking to move to Windows Outlook or Mac Outlook, you most certainly are. And if not, then that means you are just starting your path to look for the best possible way to move data.

Unfortunately, as good the email clients as they both are, Thunderbird and Windows Outlook don’t go along with each other, especially when it comes to data files. You can use them for managing emailing needs efficiently, but when it comes to moving data across them, you are in a world of pain.

And the thing that makes it worse is the hooey solutions out there. None of them truly works as claimed. The manual solution can even make things worse, and the Thunderbird plugins for import/export don’t give you enough options to migrate data correctly.

Effective Way for Thunderbird Export to PST

Today, we are going to change that. What follows below is simple, straightforward, but the most effective way for Thunderbird export to PST. PST is a file that Outlook uses, and there’s no professional application that lets you archive your Thunderbird emails to PST within the client itself. But the solution below is an easy way out of this situation that will lead you to success.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Thunderbird Export to PST

And keeping in the spirt of no hogwash, here are the simple direct steps for Thunderbird export to PST:

  1. Download, install, and launch the tool in your Mac. (Get the free trial setup here.)
  2. Click on ‘Load’ next to ‘Thunderbird/Postbox’ option (NOTE* — It also converts Apple Mail, Postbox, and standard MBOX files to PST).
  3. Next, the tool will auto-load your Thunderbird profile directory.
  4. Remove the folders that you don’t need to export to Outlook PST.
  5. Check the maximum PST file size (recommended 15GB). More than that, it can be difficult to import them to Outlook.
  6. Click ‘Convert’ and wait for the tool to finish converting your Thunderbird contents into PST files.

And you are done!

There’s nothing more to that. This totally turns around the entire notion that Thunderbird export to PST is tedious, time-consuming, and hard. All you have to do is click few times by following the intuitive wizard of “Mail Extractor Pro.”

Simple and easy way for Export Mozilla Thunderbird to PST (Outlook)

If you are worried that this might not convert the data accurately, you are misled. The tool features multi-phase scanning algorithms that ensures none of the elements from Thunderbird are converted incorrectly. Even the smallest of data item (like SMTP headers or graphical objects within email bodies) are converted safely to PST files.

In fact, it also supports the conversion of non-English text including double-byte characters, which is one of the most frequent concerns of users. The tool is also built to keep the folder hierarchy same after the conversion. Nothing that you can see in Thunderbird is missed by the tool. Everything will be precisely mapped onto PST files for you to access in Outlook for Windows.

Convert Thunderbird Export to PST

So, what are you waiting for?

Here you go:

Click the link above and get the free trial version today and check it out!

Convert Thunderbird Export to PST is super easy with ‘Mail Extractor Pro’.

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