Why MBOX to PST Freeware And Even Commercial Tools Fail and What Are Your Other Options!

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Do you have an MBOX file from Apple Mail or from Google Takeout? If you are an Outlook user now, you will not be able to open or view those files in your Outlook (neither Mac nor Windows edition).

MBOX to PST freeware & Commercial Tools

MBOX is a pretty generic file format usually and is now implemented by many programs. But not yet with Windows or Mac Outlook. For Outlook clients, you need their proprietary and the only compatible file format called PST, short for ‘Personal Storage Table’.

But if you are wondering if any ordinary and generic MBOX to PST freeware converter available easily on the internet is going to let you move your data into PST files and back to Windows Outlook, you are mistaken.

These files are complex. There is a lot of intricated and complex information embedded within the files that require dedicated and sharp scripts to extract. The processing is often rigorous and heavy, followed by converting all that into a complete different data file (PST).

MBOX to PST Freeware Converter

A freeware tool lacks any such ability to handle the complexity of your MBOX files.

But if that would be all, they may still be applicable under certain situations. But they have their own set of problems that go beyond just incomplete conversion.

First of all, they are insanely difficult to use, in spite of lacking a lot of features and functionality. For a mere file converter that most of MBOX to PST freeware solutions indeed are, the lack of a simple UI is a deal breaker. Not just for less experienced users, but experts often find themselves stuck, trying insanely hard to understand how to convert files and how to implement whatever features they have to offer.

To top it all off, rarely does a free MBOX to PST tool, or rather any free service, would have a 24×7 tech support. Under an easy to use tool, this may not be a necessity, but with such tools, a beginner would frequently require some assistance. More so, if the database is massive and have some unique data inside the files.

Commercial Tool for MBOX to PST Conversion

That brings us to the introduction of “Mail Extractor Pro“. Quite surprisingly, it is the only tool which works directly and smoothly in your Mac OS. Most tools belong to Windows and thus have challenges and problems not often seen with Mac platform.

mbox to pst freeware

But that is just the most basic functionality amongst dozens of its great features that has made “Mail Extractor Pro” the most favored solution for converting MBOX to PST.

Accuracy of Data Conversion

The best one of them is its accuracy of data conversion. It will keep all your emails, contacts, calendar, attachments, metadata, headers, MIME defined content, Unicode text characters, images, folder hierarchy, and everything else safe and intact. Through dedicated processing logic, the tool is able to extract information in multiple phases and with acute precision, so as not to end up with data integrity errors.

Simple & Powerful

Secondly, it has a basic, intuitive interface for anyone to use it without efforts. You don’t even need to check out any tutorial or go through the glossary or other technical jargon of email migration to know what part of the tool does what. The advanced abstraction layers have turned dozens of otherwise manual steps automated, making it simple to convert files.

And, though it is simple, it is is by no means limited. It offers batch conversion of MBOX files, manual option to remove folders if you want to, option to limit PST files and split them if they get too large, and more.

Download it today to see all of it yourself and you will realize why it is the most favored tool and why no other MBOX to PST freeware or even commercial tool stand a chance.

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