Apple Mail MBOX to PST Conversion — Do’s and Don’ts

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Moving emails between clients can be extremely difficult. Apple Mail MBOX to PST conversion is one such task that has troubled users for a long time. And now, finally, there is a solution by USL Software.

Mbox is a generic file format for Mac mail, and is used by many email clients for storing messages. Whereas, PST is a proprietary (though, open) file format for Windows Outlook. So, moving data from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook can be more than just an annoyance.

Apple Mail MBOX to PST Conversion

If you are thinking of data migration, you must be tensed too. If you have done it before, you might be more tensed than the first time. Because you know what kind of a mess it can create. You also know the strain it causes on your productivity.

The only solution to get the data to the other side is by converting Apple Mail MBOX to PST. And this is where it gets real rowdy. There is no direct official support for this file conversion, neither from Apple nor from Microsoft. So users rely upon third party tools, often on free MBOX to PST converter.

There can’t be any efficient free MBOX file converter. Both files are from two different platforms and have a huge chasm between them in terms of their encoding structure. Any program built for complete and safe data extraction have to be sophisticated, and at the same time, be simple on the front-end side.

Much software programs are too poorly written to be of any practical use. The free tools that can do what needs to be done are non-existent.

Methods for Apple Mail MBOX to PST Conversion

Next, we move on to another technique that many people recommend. This method does not require installing any unreliable full of malware third parties’ tools on your computer. But this does require skills, time, and internet. And it can also result in incomplete migration.

In theory, it is simple: sync data from Mail to an email account supporting IMAP. Add that same account to Windows Outlook and sync the data from the server to the Outlook client.

In practice, it can go south any minute. And in case, you haven’t noticed, this method requires you to have an email account with enough space to sync your Mac Mail data to it. This requirement makes this technique useless, especially in work environment. Because if you’d have the privilege to keep data on server, you would not need to put your head into this email migration knowingly.

And the worst part of almost all of these ways to migrate data is data loss between the transition or incomplete transfer of all the items.

It is common for embedded images, email attachments, nested messages, headers and metadata, non-English text, and other such details to convert incompletely.

So for converting Apple Mail MBOX to PST, you do not:

Use a free Apple Mail to PST converter because this is the one that will damage your data and cause many other problems, sometimes to the extent of data theft.

Use a manual migration method. It is just not worth going through the hassle.

And that begs the question what can we do if not all of these above?

Here are the do’s of Apple Mail MBOX to PST conversion:

Use a quality third party tool to convert data, such as “Mail Extractor Pro”. It is a fully tested and highly recommended tool by experts for beginners and experts likewise.

And that’s it. That’s all you need and have to do to migrate your ‘Mail’ data to Windows Outlook. The tool will take care of everything that you usually need to do manually. For example, now you don’t even need to archive emails to MBOX files because “Mail Extractor Pro” does not need that.

It will auto-detect your emails from the identity folder called ‘Mail’ in your hard drive. It will pick up everything straight from there and start converting to PST files. This obviously makes the task simpler than ever before.

And if you ask yourself, what else does this approach accomplish, you will soon come to realization that it will convert the data most accurately. The reason is that it does not deal with archived files, but rather with the direct source of data. There are no intermediate steps in between, where the data is usually lost or corrupted.

Mail Extractor Pro to Convert Apple Mail to PST

apple mail mbox to pst conversion

Mail Extractor Pro — Convert Apple Mail database, Apple Mail Mailbox Export, EMLX, Thunderbird, Postbox, EML, MBOX to PST file format for Microsoft Outlook 2016/2013/2011/2010/2007/2003.

Furthermore, the tool, developed by USL Software, is also equipped with other functions that are not found anywhere else. Such as, splitting large PST files, marking folders for conversion, detailed log report, support for converting non-English languages, preserving folder hierarchy, and so on.

apple mail mbox to pst

All these features are incredibly hard to incorporate into an email migration tool. But USL Software managed to did it without compromising with the accuracy and speed of the tool.

apple mail mbox to pst converter

They also put a lot of additional thoughts into making it as easy and intuitive as possible.

apple mail to pst

From the standpoint of a common user, the tool looks, works, and feels exactly like just your regular Mac applications for regular tasks. The simple graphical wizard guides at each step. The advanced features (mentioned above) are laid out strategically to make sense to the user. Everything flows naturally. No learning-curve to begin using it for your data export.

convert apple mail mbox to pst

If you want to give it a shot, download the setup now.

Without activation, it will convert ten items for each folder, which is more than enough to give you a fair idea about its working and features in details. If you find it fit for you, then only proceed with ordering the full activation license. That will unlock the number of conversion from ten items to unlimited.

And lastly, USL Software backs up all of their products with full 24×7 customer support. The support is friendly, quick to respond, and is skilled in handling with complex technical problems. You can’t put a price at such an around-the-clock support.

Download Free Copy at

Get your own free setup copy of “Mail Extractor Pro” today. And experience how the advanced computer engineering has solved one of the most sophisticated problems of our emailing world.

If you are looking for Apple Mail MBOX to PST conversion software, then try it for hassle free and safe conversion.

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