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Convert Apple Mail to PST file Quick and Easy

Someone I know just purchased a new Windows PC after being a Mac user for a very long time. He came to me yesterday regarding a problem he never thought of before purchasing Windows. That was, how to move the emails and all other items from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook, in other words, how to convert Apple Mail to PST file. After a long research, we both were surprised by a wholesome product that helped us overcome the problem, which intimidated us in the first place.

The Situation

The problem in shifting from Apple Mail to PST is migrating data. Simple files that are compatible in both operating system are the easy ones. However, data that are not compatible give trouble, such as, email data stored in Apple Mail database.

Whenever you are shifting from Mac Mail or Apple Mail to Windows Outlook or Mac Outlook (PST), one cannot simply move the data without undergoing file conversion. Similarly, my friend with a brand new Windows computer wanted his important emails and other items to be migrated to Outlook.

None of us both had any idea on how to achieve the task of such stature. The ideas we did have were about the risk involved in such conversion of Apple Mail to PST. After a quick Google search, we realized the risk generally involved in tasks like these, whether you opt for converting manually or go for some third party tools.

  • Data Loss
  • Loss of entire files
  • Corruption of files beyond repair
  • Data Integrity Issues
  • Loss of imbedded images
  • The Loss of email headers
  • Loss of Metadata
  • Loss of folder hierarchy
  • Wastage of time as the conversion by ordinary tools is very slow.
  • Confusing interface that requires too much attention and effort to understand and follow

There were more risks and problems involved, but these are the primary ones, the ones everybody cares about and is concerned a lot.

The Solution for Converting Apple Mail to PST

At that time, we came across a tool called Mail Extractor Pro. After a quick study of the introduction and features, we were assured of the quality and the simplicity Mail Extractor Pro appears to offer the users.

convert apple mail to pst

Mail Extractor Pro — Convert Mac Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, the Postbox, MBOX (*.mbox files) to PST files format for Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 / 2015 / 2016 and Microsoft Windows Outlook 365 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

However, we were still not sure. After all, no one wants to waste time and money in something that is not going to produce something fruitful. Moreover, my friend has very important data stored in his Apple Mail database that he would freak out if lost. Time, resources, money and all that were important to us, as it is to most of our readers.


As a result, we were very relieved seeing that the company offers a free trial version of Mail Extractor Pro. Without any second delay, we downloaded the free version. Since that point, we have been impressed with essentially all the aspects that the program had to offer.

apple mail to pst converter

Download to Convert Apple Mail to PST

The trial version is simple and direct to download without giving any of your information, without giving your card details, and even without signing up. It was very pleasing to us to download the trial version instantly and test the software ourselves. Even the installation, configuration, and using the actual conversion was very easy and simple compared to what we read in many sites and blogs before that.

Needless to say, Mail Extractor Pro completely surpassed our expectations and we highly recommend it to anybody who wants to transfer Apple Mail to PST in an orderly, effectively and effortless fashion.


Get it today at

Download and try Mail Extractor Pro to convert Apple Mail to PST for Microsoft Outlook.

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