Transfer MBOX to Outlook 365 – The Quickest and Safest Method!

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Transfer MBOX to Outlook 365 for Mac and Windows, here is no hassle solution for all your needs.

Looking to transfer MBOX files to Outlook 365 client? Since MBOX file is not compatible with the Outlook client, you cannot simply move them into the Outlook’s database. The only choice you have is to convert them to PST format. This conversion can often be lengthy and very exhaustive, if you do not have proper tools.

Below, we will take a look at the quickest and safest approach to converting MBOX to Outlook compatible PST files. The tool we are using is called “Mail Extractor Pro.” It gives you accurate PST files that are not only useable in Outlook 365 but all Outlook versions, including Mac.

Transfer MBOX to Outlook 365

How to Transfer MBOX to Outlook 365

Here are the steps:

#1 Download and Install

Start by downloading the tool here. You do not yet need to activate the tool’s full version. If you just want to see how it works and want to simply follow this tutorial, you can do so using the free trial version to get an idea of its functions.

#2 Load MBOX files

Once installed, launch it and click on “Load” under the MBOX files section. You will notice that there are also option for Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox.

#3 Browse and Locate MBOX files

Browse to the location of your MBOX file and select it. The tool will scan it completely and show you all the contents/folders inside it. You are free to remove any folder that you do not want to convert.

#4 Set PST File Size

Set the limit for the PST file. If the size gets any bigger than your specified limit, the tool will split them into smaller files. This is crucial because oversized PST files can be tricky to import to Outlook.

#5 Convert MBOX Files

Click on “Convert” and choose the location you want to save the converted PST files.

#6 Output PST & Conversion Log

Wait while the tool finishes the conversion. Once done, you will get the confirmation window with the link to directly located the output folder and for the detailed conversion report/log.

MBOX to Outlook 365

These are all the steps you need to take to convert and transfer MBOX to Outlook 365 by using PST format.

Simple and Powerful Tool

No other software utility comes even close to offering the simplicity that this one does.

Mail Extractor Pro – The tool works on Mac and converts Apple Mail, Postbox, Mozilla Thunderbird and MBOX Files (*.mbox) to MS Outlook for Mac and Windows supported PST File (*.pst) format.

On top of that, “Mail Extractor Pro” is also proficient in keeping all the structure and details of your files intact. This means, the items like Non-English text, images, attachments, headers, and folder hierarchy, all remain the same after the conversion as they were originally. This property to protect the fidelity of information is hard to come by in email migration tools, but “Mail Extractor Pro” is fully able to offer safety of your data and details.

Get it to transfer MBOX to Outlook 365

There are several licenses that you can choose from, depending on your needs, after you have tried it in free trial mode.

MBOX to Outlook 365 for Mac

Lastly, the tech support from USL Software can help you with any questions or problems if you face any.

The UI of the tool makes it less likely that you will ever need any help, but sometimes the complexity of database can require an experts’ hand. In those cases, the support team can come in handy.

Get the setup file and install it today to transfer MBOX to Outlook 365 for Mac and Windows.

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