Outlook Olm file to Mac Mail Conversion Reduced to 3 Steps from Multi-step Process

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Outlook Olm file to Mac Mail Conversion Simplified

If you are looking for Outlook OLM file to Mac Mail conversion, then here is the story for you.

I’ve been doing a special series of questions and answers for a long time, where I deliberately restrict myself to answer in just 50 words. It allowed for a very helpful Q & A session, without drooling over unnecessary topics. And I simply love the fact that I’ve been able to help users with lot of their technical queries in just few words that my “rule” allow.

One questions arose last time, which I did answer in the shortest amount of words, and the person who asked the question was satisfied. But I thought, it required more thought and an elaborate answer. So, here is the question and my answer in detail.


It has been been 5 years since I started using Outlook in my Mac. So basically, I am using it since it was launched. Only in past few months, have I had troubled with its inability to deal with corruption. So I finally decided to drop it, and choose ‘Mac Mail’. Only concern I have is migrating all my emails and contacts from Olm file to Mac Mail. I read about it on internet and the steps was very convoluted, not to mention the amount of time it might take. And, I absolutely have no skills to do that properly, and nor the free time that I could afford to invest. I would appreciate if you can suggest me a simple, quick, and safe way so I can import Olm file to Apple Mail.

My original short Answer

 There could be nothing better than “Olm Extractor Pro”, an excellent third party converter. I’ve been using it myself for couple of times, and it offers accurate, quick, and simple conversion of Olm files to Mac Mail.

My Long Answer

 It is a question that has been asked over and over. But surprisingly, I’ve been doing this Q & A daily blog posting since many months now, but no one brought this up here. All I get is personal emails asking me for an acceptable solution for this job that could be performed by total beginners, for which reply to them personally.

So, I think it is good that you finally asked, and now I could blog publicly about the issue, and everyone could benefit from it. I have been using “Olm Extractor Pro” a couple of times in the past few years, and have also helped friends using this same tool. Frankly, I am quiet mystified as to why it hasn’t been more popular and mainstream than it already is. Because the performance of the tool, in all areas — be it the speed, accuracy, simplicity, precision of conversion, other important features — has been incredibly impressive. I mean, not just decent in data migration of Olm to Mac Mail, but truly a wonderful experience, something only a big companies could do with their million dollars budget and custom made software.

Outlook Olm file to Mac Mail Conversion

You mentioned that you don’t have necessary skills nor the time needed to do it properly. Well, guess what. “Olm Extractor Pro” can let you convert your Olm files to Mac Mail in mere 3 steps. And the speed of actual data conversion is also simply stunning when you compared to the kind of speed other ordinary tools offer.

Specifically, you can convert 1000 of your emails or 2 GB of your data in just 10 to 15 minutes or even lesser, depending on your computer specs. The tool also supports multiple Olm file conversion. That means you can choose any number of Olm files for conversion at the same time.

And the 3 steps that I mentioned it needed, are here as follows:

  1. Load your Olm files
  2. Choose the folders for conversion
  3. click ‘convert’.

That is all there is to it.

However, there are few other additional options that you can take benefit of, and use them before clicking ‘Convert’.

  • You can choose to convert and save your read and unread emails in separate folders.
  • You can choose to convert and merge your contacts from one folder to a single Vcf file.
  • Also you can also choose to convert merge your calendar data form one folder to a single Ics file.

I think “Olm Extractor Pro” is currently the only and the most easy to use solution to convert Olm file to Mac Mail. There is no doubt that I highly recommend it.

Download it for Outlook Olm file to Mac Mail Conversion

Here is the link (https://www.olmextractorpro.com/)for its free trial version, in case you still want to give it a hurl before actually purchasing the full version. Trial version does not lock out any feature at all. You can use it completely like a full version in terms of its functionality. Except that it limits the conversion to 10 items from each folder inside the selected Olm file. Which I think is reasonable, and a perfectly fine way to evaluate its performance. Later you can always register for the full license.

Read More: https://www.olmextractorpro.com/

Go and try it today for Outlook Olm file to Mac Mail Conversion.

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