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Most Recommended PST to Thunderbird Converter

There are few PST to Thunderbird Converter that works perfectly. Here’s the one that I used and I heavily recommend it.

I moved from Windows to Linux and also had to switch to a new email client. Windows Outlook is not for Linux. And so I moved to the best alternative for Linux — Thunderbird.

Only one problem: I had no idea how to convert the data.

I had archived Outlook data to local PST files, which I couldn’t import to Thunderbird. Syncing data from PST files to a server and from the server to Thunderbird was too intimidating because the files measured up to total 35 GB. I was worried about overusing my internet bandwidth for syncing a big-size database. It might not even work correctly regarding data accuracy.

So I looked for other solutions such as third party PST to Thunderbird converter.

These third party converters are all that we have for now.

I had no idea I was entering a complete mess. I tried numerous tools, and none of them worked out. They were incredibly sloppy, from their interfaces to the conversion accuracy to the customer support.

Few of them even made me held my breath a couple of times because I thought they damaged the source files.

Luckily, before I went crazy, I found “PST Extractor Pro,” an excellent software that did not have all the limitations and inefficiencies all others had. The most impressive part was its user-interface, which was intuitive, easy to interact, and user-friendly.

PST to Thunderbird Converter

PST Extractor Pro — Convert Outlook PST into multiple output format.

However, an easy to use tool has no value until it can provide what it was developed for. In this case, I wanted to convert my PST Files to Thunderbird files, and that’s all my concern was.

And the tool did that, quite satisfactorily. I was pleasantly surprised to see that when I imported the output files to Thunderbird, there were no mistakes. There was no data loss or damage to the integrity of my files.

Information like email attachments, folder hierarchy, email headers (that include To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, From), embedded images, non-English text, and nested messages — were all preserved nicely.

The loss of individual data elements from the database was my biggest concern. I had sensitive data within emails that I just couldn’t lose. And the point with data loss during email migration is that you may not realize right away that the tool didn’t convert everything.

Naturally, I was anxious.

Thankfully, it all happened without any such problems. I didn’t check every single email because that would not be possible with 35 GB of data, but I realized right away how accurate “PST Extractor Pro” was. Where other tools made plenty of mistakes (broken images, loss of email IDs, and more), this tool had accuracy at micro-level.

Tutorial: How to Convert Outlook to Thunderbird

I am more than satisfied with the program and can’t recommend it more. It is developed by USL Software, the same company that has well-established itself in the realms of email migration tools.

Download This PST to Thunderbird Converter

You can even try it for free. The link to download the installation file is given below. This free trial has all the features that a full version has, with an exception to the number of items it converts from each folder (ten).

Download At:

convert pst to thunderbird

If you are looking for PST to Thunderbird converter, try PST Extractor Pro today.

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