Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 — The Best Solution Currently!

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Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

What are the ways to migrate or convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 for Mac or Windows? Get the information here.

Both Outlook 2016 and Mac Mail are two email clients that have never disappointed users with their set of features and interface. But it’s when someone has to migrate from Mac Mail to Outlook 2016, the trouble begins.

So, why is that?

It’s because the files that Mac Mail uses to store data are incompatible with Microsoft Outlook, which uses only PST format.

Microsoft Outlook for Mac can import OLM or PST file and can only export as *.OLM file format. Other hand Outlook for Windows supports only PST file format.

That brings us to the conversion of data files. And most converters do not function as expected. That brings us to the conversion of data files. And most converters do not function as expected.

But not all. In everything, we can always see exceptions. And here’s one too, called “Mail Extractor Pro.” Developed to perfection by USL Software, it’s the best email converter that you are going to get. However, with all its features and user-interface and how it loads the data, it’s more than just a converter.

Mail Extractor Pro — Convert Mac Mail files, Mozilla Thunderbird files, Postbox files & MBOX files to PST for Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook.

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 with the Mail Extractor Pro

With the features given below, you will soon realize for yourself why “Mail Extractor Pro” is not in the same category as all other ordinary tools.

Mail Extractor Pro — Convert emails from multiple sources to PST file format. Designed to Auto-Load for Apple Mail, the Thunderbird and Mail database of Postbox. Support All mbox file exported from any sources.

convert mac mail to outlook 2016

First one is Auto-load

This, right here, makes this tool by USL Software different. The auto-load feature gives rise to higher accuracy, quicker speeds, and better ease of use for the end users. So, what is it? It’s a feature that totally eliminates the use of MBOX or EMLX files at all. You can directly load your Apple Mail identity or sometimes called profile folder for conversion.

Second one its interface

Without compromising with the advanced functionalities and powerful algorithms, the team still managed to offer simplicity at its finest. The walk-through and the wizard that guides you at every step is extremely straightforward and intuitive. Right from the first screen, any user, be an expert or a beginner, would naturally know what to do.

Third one its accuracy of conversion

Third is in relation with Auto-load feature, because it is about data accuracy. When you directly target the main source where data is located in the raw format, as opposed to MBOX that are archived files, you get 100% data precision. None of the components can ever be lost.

For instance, take a look at these items:

  • Email attachments
  • Embedded images inside the bodies of your email contents
  • Other embedded objects like Word docs, Excel sheets, etc.
  • Folder Hierarchy
  • Metadata, headers (to, from, cc, bcc, subject)
  • Time and date stamps
  • Nested emails and their order
  • Non-English text and so on

The best tool to convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

Now imagine not being able to convert these items through the conventional solutions. It’s not a pretty sight. Data loss is one of the feared events/results that can happen to anyone in computer world. This is what “Mail Extractor Pro” saves you from. Through the auto-load feature and through the precise dedicated logic for each of these sensitive items, it manages to pull off an otherwise very difficult job and that is to convert everything without exception.

convert mac mail to outlook

Get trial version to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

So, get to it now. You can try “Mail Extractor Pro” without spending a dime, using the free trial mode that it runs on by default when you launch it. You can get the setup downloaded using the instant link below. No sign-up, no providing any information, no fuss. And if still feel, you need help downloading, installing, or in the actual Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 conversion, the 24×7 support team will be willing to help you at any stage.

Download Now:

Try Mail Extractor Pro today to convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 / Outlook:mac 2011 / MS Office 365 for Mac and Outlook 2016 / Win Outlook 2013 / Outlook 2010 / MS Outlook 2007 / MS 2003 / MS Office 365 for Windows

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