Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook Sharply Without the Use of MBOX Files!

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Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook (PST)

Mail Extractor Pro” is a tool from USL Software, the leading company currently in email migration domain, that lets you convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook without the use of MBOX files.

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ converts emails from Apple Mail Mailbox, Thunderbird Mail, Postbox Mail and MBOX (All *.mbox) to PST file format for Mac MS Outlook 2016 / 2011 and Windows MS Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

convert apple mail to ms outlook

Mail Extractor Pro  –  Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook without Any Hassle

All the other regular solutions require you to manually load MBOX for data conversion. It’s the most common approach to migrate your email data from two email clients. And it works, but it doesn’t work exactly as one would wish. It can also often result in incomplete migration and fragmented files. Without properly archiving data, it also creates flawed results that do not match the original data integrity.

convert apple mail to outlook

That’s why “Mail Extractor Pro” was built from the grounds up, to deliver the seamless experience without the typical setbacks.

convert apple mail to outlook for mac

Eliminating the need of MBOX files also affect the speed of conversion, clearly because you don’t need to manually archive data or anything like that. Not to mention, it makes the job of converting Apple Mail to MS Outlook much easier for beginners.

convert apple mail to microsoft outlook

Mail Extractor Pro” has a single button for auto-loading the entire database of Apple Mail from its profile or identity directory. This directory can be found at users’ library folder, but you don’t need to find it at all. The tool auto-scan system kicks in and loads up the directory automatically. Whatever emails, contacts, calendar entries, and so on are stored in your database, all of it gets ready for conversion without you having to do anything.

No MBOX files, no EMLX files, nothing!

How it makes Converting Apple Mail to MS Outlook even More Efficient?

In other words, what Else Does “Mail Extractor Pro” does Best?

Auto-load feature makes it stand out from the rest. But it’s not all. The tool is designed precisely by the team of experts that figured out the best approach for email migration. As a result, it performs every action with utmost precision without any loose ends or compromises.


One of the aspects that most developers miss in making a tool that requires heavy data processing is interface.

Mail Extractor Pro” is one of the most advanced, flexible, and powerful email migration app that you will find. But in spite of that, it offers an incredibly simple interface that all users with any experience level can use in first try. In fact, you don’t even need to go through any tutorial. You don’t need to learn any technical jargon or skills of any sort.

The team of designers put all efforts they could to make it natural and intuitive to use. Just follow the instructions and the graphical wizard, and you will perform one of the most sophisticated and difficult tasks like a pro.

Data Accuracy:

We talked about how most tools fail miserably when trying to protect data integrity. The good news is that “Mail Extractor Pro” is miles ahead in that department as well.

Without going into further details, let’s just conclude by saying that the tool converts everything from Apple Mail to MS Outlook PST files while preserving the fidelity of data with utmost precision. Here’s a list of certain items and components that are otherwise hard to convert accurately, but with “Mail Extractor Pro,” you never have to worry about losing them again:

  • Folder hierarchy
  • Non-English text (including DBCS, Unicode, and UTF-8 languages)
  • Embedded images and other graphical objects like logos, graphs, icons, bars, etc.
  • Other embedded objects like excel sheets, Word documents, etc.
  • Contacts and Calendar entries
  • Nested messages and their entire structure and order
  • Metadata, properties, headers, and other fine details associated with emails like: To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Date and Timestamps
  • Email attachments
  • All hyperlinks
  • Also supports conversion S/MIME encrypted emails

In conclusion, “Mail Extractor Pro” keeps the entire data and its structure same in MS Outlook PST files as it was in Apple Mail.

Mail Extractor Pro — Convert emails from multiple sources to PST for MS Outlook

Download it to Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook

You can try the free version if you are doubtful. It will help you make up your mind. Download the setup below.

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Tor convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook for Mac / Windows, try “Mail Extractor Pro” today.

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