Quick and Safe Tool to Move Apple Mail to Thunderbird

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Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter

Do you want to move Apple Mail to Thunderbird? Then continue reading below to find the best possible productive and safe way to do that.

If you have a little bit of information about email clients and email migration, you may assume that Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration shouldn’t be that complicated. The reason why many users assume that is because both email clients support MBOX file. So, it doesn’t sound invalid that you can use Apple Mail MBOX files and simply import them to Thunderbird.

Right? Actually, no.


You cannot do that, or at least, cannot do that properly, because Apple Mail do not keep the data in standard MBOX files. If you look into the identity folders of Apple Mail (inside your users’ library), you will find that the actual files are EMLX files, each EMLX file for each email message. These EMLX files are kept inside folders named .mbox as an extension.

So, essentially the files containing your data are not MBOX. If you try to import these folders directly into Thunderbird, you cannot.

The other way that most people assume might work (and sometimes it may), is archiving data from Apple Mail to MBOX files through the in-built ‘export’ feature. However, that technique again is very inaccurate and can consume your time more than it requires. Most users have reported that the data that Thunderbird imported these MBOX files contain empty folders. So while it may show that it is importing MBOX files, there is often times no content inside those folders.

Therefore, most experts recommend using a third party, commercial tool that can let you migrate data between these two email clients without all those complications and without opening the whole can of worms.

Tool to Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird

One tool that I advocate highly is called “Mail Extractor Max” and is developed by USL Software. USL Software is a company that has been around email migration industry for quite some time now. They have the expertise in developing safe and easy tools for converting high complex data files (especially email data files). “Mail Extractor Max” is another tool by them that has all the aspects that USL Software is known for.

apple mail to thunderbird converter

So what does “Mail Extractor Max” do:

It basically reads your Apple Mail identity database directly (without you having to load any EMLX or MBOX files, or do anything manually). It will then extract the emails, contacts, and calendar data from there and convert it into standard Thunderbird compatible files.

This is done through special and dedicated algorithms developed by USL Software for handling complex data forms of Apple Mail and Thunderbird.

However, all this sophistication is at the back-end and you don’t have to handle with any of it. USL Software did impressive work to make it as easy and intuitive to use as possible. The design team worked through the interface to simplify everything and turn an otherwise daunting job into a child’s play.

Even a beginner can start converting Apple Mail to Thunderbird without going through any tutorial or any technical knowledge.

And the data accuracy of output is sharp. That means, even the smallest item of a single byte will be converted accurately. Ranging from images to metadata, from timestamps to read/unread status, from headers to attachments — everything will integrate successfully into Thunderbird files.

The tool also converts non-English text including Japanese and Korean. Those are the languages that are encoded with double-byte characters. And these are have always been tricky for ordinary tools to convert during Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration. Not anymore.

Read More: https://www.mailextractormax.com/

If you want to try it before buying the full version, click here to download the setup.

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