Convert OLM to Thunderbird Without the Troubles Usually Faced in Email Migration

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Convert OLM to Thunderbird for Mac / Windows

Convert OLM to Thunderbird without the issues, such as broken embedded images, loss of metadata, and other info. This tool will help you out move your emails professionally.

Converting OLM to Thunderbird can be a nightmare. But with an excellent tool by USL Software, called “OLM Extractor Pro”. It can be easy and efficient. “OLM Extractor Pro” comes as an excellent solution to move data from Mac Outlook to any other email client for Mac, like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or Postbox.

olm to thunderbird

Thunderbird is also one of the most downloaded email clients in Mac, even though it is a cross-platform email client that can work in Windows, Mac, and even Linux. The reason for its popularity includes its excellent simple GUI, some truly remarkable features that are only available in other paid email clients, the various available plugins by a large community, and the obvious fact that it is free of cost.

And this also why moving Mac Outlook data to Thunderbird can come as a daunting surprise to many.

Not anymore.

Here’s the tool to convert olm to Thunderbird

OLM Extractor Pro’ is just as friendly and efficient as both Outlook and Thunderbird clients are. It was built by USL Software to make email migration between them smooth, without troubling non-experienced users with technicalities. It has a basic GUI that anyone can follow and get done with the data exporting job in merely few minutes.

One of the best feature of “OLM Extractor Pro” is its ability to load multiple OLM files and convert them all to PST in one go.

convert olm to thunderbird

Convert OLM to Thunderbird Mail Database, *.VCF, *.ICS (Mails, Contacts, calendars)

And here’s a brief list of some of its more amazing features:

Support All Languages

Inbuilt support to convert text in all languages. It can also detect and safely convert languages such as Japanese and Korean (encoded with double-byte characters) without damaging a single word of text. This used to the most wanted feature for email migration tools but no tool could offer that…until now.

Accurate Conversion, No Data Loss

It is built to convert data without losing data integrity. Just as non-English text was a challenging part of email migration, there were many other items that were usually lost. Such as the graphical data inside email bodies, email attachments, nested messages order, metadata, and so on. With the help of ‘OLM Extractor Pro’, all of these problems are things of the past now.

Quick & Smooth Conversion

Secondly, the enhanced speed of data extraction in ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ will amaze you. Through its very swift programming techniques, the data is converted into the appropriate output files as quickly as one GB per ten minutes. This is almost ten times quicker than the second fastest speed of other tools.

Excellent Functionalities

Excellent additional functionalities offered to make the transition as smooth as possible. Many of these features are often not even in the minds of most developers. But USL Software managed to put all of them inside ‘OLM Extractor Pro’. Such as — saving read/unread emails in separate folders, merging calendar in one ICS file per folder, merging contacts in one ICS file per folder, filtering folders according to their types, ignoring empty folders, full conversion report, and so on.

Super Easy GUI

And lastly, if the GUI and the given instructions for going forward are extremely easy for anyone to follow; in spite of that, customer team is available 24×7 to simplify the matters even further for you. Don’t hesitate to contact them whenever you have a query or face an unexpected setback.

USL Software quickly rose to prominence many years ago with their multiple email migration tools. Their years of working with email migration solutions have made them the top recommended source for answers for any kind of projects involving the data export between two clients. And ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ is just one of those renowned tools that clearly is the best tool for converting OLM files to Thunderbird.

Note* — It is a complete OLM file conversion solution, where you can convert OLM file to many other formats, not just Thunderbird.

olm to thunderbird converter

Download To Convert OLM to Thunderbird

You can download the free trial version using the link below. It converts ten items per folder. Besides that, there is no restriction in the trial mode. You are free to use it for as long as you want to test it out in depth. Find out how it works in action, what all the features do, how is the interface according to your experience and skill set, and so on.

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Download it now and get started — It will turn this otherwise heavily frowned upon migration job into a smooth gentle breeze.

To convert olm to Thunderbird for Mac or Windows, try ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ today.

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