How to Import OLM Files into Apple Mail in a Way That Does Not Lose or Damage the Bits of Your Data

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Without losing any data How to Import OLM Files into Apple Mail

There is no comparison between Outlook and Mail on Mac. Mac Mail offers a subset of Outlook’s features. But that’s not a weak point of Mail.

There is no real comparison because they are two different things, technically. Outlook is a PIM (personal information manager) that also includes an email application. On the other than, Apple Mail is just that, an email app.

Many users use both of them for different reasons.

One thing that truly bugs people is the lack of any official support for data transfer. If you want to share a big chunk of your mails from Outlook to a user with only Mac Mail, you have to learn some wizardry. Not the fun kind. It can take its toll. It usually does.

Few email apps share the same native files, or can open generic files. Not so much here. In this case, Mac Mail does not open or import Outlook OLM files. It does not even recognize them. And the lack of any support from both Apple and Microsoft makes this job of data transfer too difficult. Agonizing for some users with big database and no skills of email migration.

So how to import OLM files into Apple Mail?

A computer whiz might tell you something like — “use an IMAP account and sync data from the email client to the server, and then back from server to the client. But first add the IMAP account to both Mac Outlook and Apple Mail. Make sure your ISP does not limit your bandwidth because this method takes a lot of that.”

The method above requires no serious explanation or step-by-step tutorial because it is not recommended. You should keep this at a distance. It is not fit for a basic user without sound technical knowledge. Moreover, it is also not fit for experts who have large database because it leads to data corruption.

Another computer whiz might tell you something about modifying MX records, mapping properties, and all other sorcery words you have no idea about.

So, if you are tired of all the inefficient, long, and complicated method for importing Outlook data into Apple Mail, you are about to find a relief in the passages below.

USL Software’s “OLM Extractor Pro”, Undoubtedly the Best Method for Outlook Migration

USL Software has earned its name. Since many years now, they have been churning out many incredible software solutions circling around the email migration needs. Their multiple products for exporting data across clients have been received well by everyday home users, somewhat experienced users, and advanced IT technicians.

The same company also has an answer for OLM to Apple Mail migration — “OLM Extractor Pro.”

It is a Mac software program that converts OLM files to multiple formats, including Mbox, which is a native file format for Apple Mail.

There are many other OLM file converters that do the same thing. They convert OLM to MBOX files. But if you don’t know about these converters, let us tell you: they are incredibly difficult to use because of their poor interfaces, they convert data incorrectly, they can lead to data loss and corruption, they are painfully slow, and so on.

USL Software not only eliminated all these problems in “OLM Extractor Pro” but also enabled some new features and qualities that were previously unheard of. It is a tool ahead of its time, with unrivaled functionality for email migration. And surpassing all previous standards of typical OLM files converters.

Import OLM Files into Apple Mail

Migrate your Mails, Contacts, Calendars etc from Mac Outlook 2011/2016 (OLM) to Apple Mail, Thunderbird Email Database, MBOX & EML file format using OLM Extractor Pro.

So, what is special about “OLM Extractor Pro”?

Let’s find out in the section below:

What is Special about “OLM Extractor Pro,” and Why It Beats All Other Email Migration Tools!

In this section, we will discuss what makes “OLM Extractor Pro” different from others, and so effective in doing what it does.

The Interface:

The user-interface can be the most important part in a software. All the features and functions become useless if they are hidden deep somewhere even light can’t reach. The GUI design of “OLM Extractor Pro” is the opposite of that.

Everything makes intuitive sense:

The entire UI is user-friendly and will make the migration extremely simple.

Non-English Support:

Non-English emails converting incorrectly is always a big risk that users have to take while exporting data. Thankfully, with this USL’s tool that is no more the case. The tool is programmed to scan the files with utmost care and has the ability to convert the characters that use Unicode standards. The converted Apple Mail files will also be fully Unicode supported.

Folder Hierarchy:

Do you arrange your emails in folders and sub-folders inside them? If you do, there is a risk of losing that folder structure by an ordinary OLM file converter. They fail to keep the folders as they were originally arranged in OLM files. Without a doubt, this can be upsetting, more so for users with many emails.

Convert Multiple Files Together:

In majority of cases, there are more than one OLM file to convert. You might be too. The batch conversion is a challenging feat for any developer to achieve. Migrating from OLM to Apple Mail is already a heavy process. Converting multiple files altogether can thus become impossible. But USL Software has achieved the improbable — converting multiple files in bulk without any compromise to other aspects.

When you combine all these features into one tool, you get a powerful piece of software for Mac that simplifies Outlook Olm file to Mac Mail conversion to a great extent. This is a task that has always created a lot of problems for people. But it has finally been conquered by “OLM Extractor Pro” by USL Software.

If you want to know more, why not download the free trial version.

Click here to get the free installer file for ‘OLM Extractor Pro’.

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