Import OST file into Outlook

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Import OST file into Outlook is a nightmare in itself. But if the tool doing so is topping the recommendation charts, then it says a lot about the tool. OST Extractor Pro is the leader in OST to PST conversion industry and why is it so? Let’s find out.

Import OST file into Outlook (Mac & Windows)

Outlook deals with all of its data with the help of two files, mainly OST and PST. OST files stores all the text that you have received or sent, while PST files store all the other data like calendar data, attachments etc.

The major issue here is that OST files cannot be directly imported into Outlook for updating the data. All the data needs to be stored on the online servers. But if the file cannot be opened in Outlook then how will the data be stored?

The answer is through PST files. PST files are compatible with Outlook. So for uploading all the data present in the OST files they need to be converted into PST.

But since both the files have different structures, conversion process is not as easy as it sounds.  Manually trying to convert the files may lead to corruption or damaging of data. Therefore use of professional tool is advised.

Best Way to Import OST file into Outlook

OST Extractor Pro, the topper of the recommendation charts, is the tool to use. The tool is a product of USL Software. USL Software are the leaders in email solutions and very popular for their unorthodox and effective design.

OST Extractor Pro follows the same tradition. The tool is an all-round solution to import ost file to Outlook. From conversion to ease of use, the tool covers all bases.

import ost file into outlook

It helps you to upload OST to Office 365 / Outlook (All Version, including Mac & Windows), Apple’s Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox and Windows Live Mail.

Advanced Tool

The tool runs on an algorithm that converts each and every type of OST files, be it corrupted or damaged. All the data present in the input file is converted down to the last byte without any errors or faults.

The integrity of the data is also maintained. All the folders present in the input file are exactly in the same place in the output file too. This makes the navigation through the output file a lot easier.

Due to this feature the user can easily debug the output file too.

Easy, Safe, Secure & Accurate

Not only the tool provides an error free conversion but does it with very comfort and ease too. The interface provided by the tool is one of a kind.

The interface hides all the technical stuff that going on in the background. It shows you a simple point and click interface. This eases the usage complexity of the tool. Even first time users can operate the tool very easily.

Besides this the tool is also available for platform of your choice. Be it Windows or Mac the tool is available on both the platforms. A single option for multiple platforms reduces efforts and time wastage.

import ost file to outlook

Try it to import OST file into Outlook

The tool is not only helps you to import OST file into Outlook but into Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and Windows Live Mail as well.

Try Now –

With a free to download trial and a 24X7 after sales support makes the tool a must try.

Get it today and import OST file into Outlook for Mac and Windows.

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