Convert a Microsoft Exchange OST to PST like an expert

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Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST

Problems with OST files? Relax. You are not alone. Many people find OST files corrupted or locked away, making the content inaccessible. This post discusses an elegant way to restore the data — by converting Microsoft Exchange OST to PST file.

What is an OST file

Microsoft Exchange uses OST file to store offline content in a user’s computer hard drive. It has enabled some of the very convenient way of working with emails and other data. You can make changes to an OST file even when server is not connected. When the connection is restored, the system itself makes changes and synchronizes all the work you did when offline.

Reasons why OST file can become inaccessible

There is just one problem.

It is very easy in such dynamics for an OST file to be corrupted, or simply, inaccessible. Some reasons for the corruption are temporary, while others are permanent. These permanent causes leave OST file inaccessible forever, leaving the data stuck inside them.

Here are the common reasons

  1. Viruses and other malicious files can corrupt OST files, even with the protection of advanced anti-virus programs; some threats find the way through the leak, damaging certain files including OST.
  2. Abrupt shutdown — sometimes, manually or due to system errors, computers shutdown abruptly, if any work was in progress, or OST file was somewhere active, the abrupt interference can cause damage.
  3. Accidental deletion of the exchange account — some users can delete the original Microsoft Exchange account without realizing that it could make OST files useless. This is because an OST file can only be accessed by the account that created it in the first place. When you add an exchange account to Outlook, Outlook automatically creates an OST file, which is the copy of all your online content that is stored in server. When you delete this account from Outlook, intentionally or by accident, the offline OST file in the system becomes inaccessible.
  4. Server maintenance and server downtime — Exchange servers are frequently down, due to some problems or the company might be doing maintenance. Yet again, during this period OST files are not accessible.

If you find yourself in these situations, don’t panic. There is a solution and that is to convert your Microsoft Exchange OST to PST.

It sounds nice, but it seldom is. Data conversion software, specifically file converters, are challenging to develop. And, the bigger challenge is to make it in a way that is easily operable by common users.

“OST Extractor Pro” — The most functional and powerful converter

You can save yourself some effort and time. Through our expertise and experience, I can recommend “OST Extractor Pro” with full confidence and proud.

microsoft exchange ost to pst

OST Extractor Pro’ is the perfect solution for extracting data from Microsoft Exchange OST file to PST file format.

In the crowd of mediocre software solutions, this one really did impress by every aspect, including, GUI, correctness of data recovery, and streamline experience through the process.

  • Excellent interface– user-friendly, neat, and easy to understand; the wizard is simple and anybody can operate without any prior experience. Within two-to-three clicks, you could be done with OST to PST conversion.
  • It can also split PST files if the files get bigger, since bigger PST files can lower the performance and speed of Outlook.
  • It supports any sized OST files.
  • There is an option available to save your email messages in three different formats — TXT, RTF, or HTML format for future purposes.
  • Accuracy — the conversion is complete, which means that it recovers everything from OST to PST, including contacts, journals, notes, tasks, emails, calendar entries, and everything else.
  • Complete and thorough — moreover, the data elements, properties, and embedded information (objects) that is frequently associated with emails are very vulnerable. Very few and special apps could preserve them. The protection algorithm that was exclusively written by the experts helps. OST to PST Converter to perform in-depth analysis of your files. It helps in achieving sharp accuracy, resulting in full and complete restoration of data.

OST Extractor Pro” comes with long list of features

Download to Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST

You can try the tool without any risk. 10 conversions from OST to PST from each folder are possible with the free version. Once you are confident it delivers what it claims, order the full version.

Download the free trial version here:

convert microsoft exchange ost to pst

There are no other better solutions (if any, at all) than this. So Convert Microsoft Exchange OST to PST without any hassle — ‘OST Extractor Pro’.

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