Outlook OST to PST Converter – the Uncomplicated Approach!

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What are OST and PST? How does Outlook OST to PST converter helps to migrate & convert your data from Microsoft Outlook OST file (*.ost) to PST file (*.pst)? Here is the details on challenges and Solutions for you.

Microsoft Outlook OST to PST Converter – Challenges

OST and PST – two data files used by Outlook but in different context and for different users. Mixing them up can cause problems. For example, many employees take away OST files when they leave a company under the false assumption that the OST files can later be used to import/recover data. Continue reading to know more about Outlook OST to PST Converter..

That is one of the differences between PST & OST – You can import PST to Outlook, but not OST. OST is just a cache copy of your mailboxes on servers and serves to only let you work offline.

Another problem with OST files is that they can easily be corrupted. You may have found Outlook error such as “Outlook cannot open OST files” a few times. In most cases, it’s just that OST file cannot be properly in sync with the Outlook client. But the data inside does not damage itself. This can happen due to dozens of reasons. Mainly involving: power failure, viruses, or anything resulting in unexpected shutdown of the system or of Outlook only.

The Solution – Outlook OST to PST Conversion

That leaves us with one solution – to convert Outlook OST to PST. And if you think it’s not a big deal, go on and read on forums or websites: you’ll realise it’s generally a complex and tedious job. Especially for beginners, where the results might be too bad, filled with data loss and corruption errors.

So, do you want to know what the best and uncomplicated approach to Outlook OST to PST converter is? Continue reading below:

Convert Outlook OST to PST in Mac & Windows

OST Extractor Pro” is an excellent solution with the precise and dedicated logic to extract information from complex OST files and convert it all into PST format. There is a simple UI to apply the features and convert the files like a professional. There has never been any other software application of the same caliber than “OST Extractor Pro.” You will absolutely love to use it to convert Outlook OST to PST accurately and quickly, especially if you are aware how the manual solutions or any traditional tools work.

outlook ost to pst converter

Let’s see what’s so special about “OST Extractor Pro“.

First of all, the main aspect of the tool that makes it the best is in how it converts the data; and the answer is – accurately and thoroughly without missing a single item. It doesn’t end up with fragmented data or any integrity errors, for which the tasks like converting Outlook OST to PST is infamous for.

ost to pst

Secondly, it supports the conversion of several different items and sophisticated data-segments inside OST files. Such as: images or graphical objects, email attachments, non-English text characters, metadata and headers (To, From, Subject), and so on. Most tools would not detect these segments of data properly. Thus fail to implement them into PST format as well.

convert outlook ost to pst

It also features advanced options like: converting multiple OST files in batch, supporting Unicode content, ability to manually exclude folders you don’t want to convert, and so on.

If you are ready, click the link below. It will take you to download page for “OST Extractor Pro.” Click on the download button and within few minutes, you will get a clean .exe setup file for the tool. It’s very small in size and you can install it in few minutes. Don’t worry about buying or activating the tool just yet. You can start check out the features in the free trial mode that converts ten items from each folder.

convert ost to pst

And when you have seen it working directly on your data, and are confident enough with the tool, you can easily click on “buy license key” icon at the top of the tool to activate the full version and remove the limitations of ten items/folder.

Lastly, there’s 24×7 customer support ready to help you in your Outlook OST to PST conversion at any stage you feel like you need assistance.

Download this Outlook OST to PST Converter

Get the setup today. This is the simply the best and unmatched solution for converting OST to PST files without a single complication.

Download Now: http://www.ostextractorpro.com/.

If you are looking for Outlook OST to PST Converter, then try ‘OST Extractor Pro’.

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